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Canary Tips! Canary Cleansers
March 23, 2005

Part 2 of the Feather Plucking series will be sent to you soon. But first I just have to share this with you...

I recently got an email from our friends over at the Avian Medicine Chest (if youíre signed up for their Ezine you may have gotten it too)and I was so excited about their new products I had to make sure you know.

Someone has finally created a product that cleans bird cages, furnishings and dishes WITHOUT being harmful to our canaries!

Canaries are so sensitive to even mild cleansers that I do my cleaning with quite a bit of trepidation...NO MORE!

Below is the article they sent me. Iím placing my order right now. Man, this is going to save me so much time!

Talk to you soon. :-)


We thought we better get this out as spring is either here or almost here in most parts of the country. Thoroughly cleaning the house, aviary, kennels etc. after a long winter seems to be on everyone's agenda.

It used to be that one had only chemical cleaning agents to choose from in order to get rid of bacteria, virus, algae and fungus. Everyone had to remove their little pets completely OUT of their area into a safe well-ventilated area to keep them from breathing in the toxic/lethal chemicals. This became such a task, that some of us became a little lax in our environmental hygiene.

Great news at last---you don't have to kick every pet out of the house/room. Now, you can actually clean your pet's area safely and thoroughly without disrupting your pet's environment and routine and still get its place absolutely clean!

How? We have the tools you need----bacteria eaters, smell eaters, fungus eaters and even virus eaters. To top it off, you already know about these, but we thought we better refresh your memory this spring.

First, Terra Cleanse. Although the name suggests being outside (terra meaning earth), this wonderful 60 something year old organic cleaning tool is used to mist your pet's entire area the day before the "big cleaning job".

Misting Terra Cleanse and then letting the bacteria work overnight will loosen the dried feces and other stuck debris on cages, kennels, litter boxes. At the same time it will help eliminate virus, algae, bacteria and fungus that has accumulated over the past several weeks.

The best part is you can mist Terra Cleanse right onto your little pet---your bird or dog or cat or rabbit and even their food and water without having to think twice. It is absolutely safe and in fact, beneficial when sprayed onto your pet. This helps get pathogens directly off your pet too.

The next day come in with soap and water and Terra Cleanse or Citra Solv, a brush and a sponge and your clean-up will be much easier if not a breeze.

Then when you are all finished, mist some more Terra Cleanse onto the area you just cleaned and the good bacteria will continue to work for the next several days. This will help to further "sterilize" the area even though your pet is now back at "home".

Second, Citra Solv. We use this wonderful, terrific smelling cleaner all around the office and in our homes. It gives floors and countertops a shine you have to see to believe and with very little effort. What a grease cutter!!!

Now, you certainly can keep your human and pet family's home safe and sanitized without the ravages of chemicals. This change will do your pet's and your family almost as much good as fresh home cooked nutrition. Eliminating chemicals as much as possible makes all the difference in the world in a pet's health.

We have hundreds of customers using these techniques and saving tons of effort and labor and time for themselves. We thought we better share this information with everyone this spring so you can spend more time out enjoying the fresh air and fresh energy. It gets more meaningful as life gets more and more busy.

For more details, go to this page:
Clean Without Cleansers

Yours for excellent pet health,

The Team
"Sick Pets Our Specialty, Healthy Pets Our Mission"

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