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Canaries and Cell Phones
September 06, 2005
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Wednesday, Sept 7, 2005

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"Canary Bird Recovers From Mobile Phone Mast Exposure"



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This issue's article is a press release from the Netherlands. It appears that electromagnetic communication devices can affect the health of your canary. I don't know anything about communication technology but I think, after reading this article, you may decide to keep your cell phone a safe distance from your bird.


The last issue had a couple of links that did not work. I can assure you that ALL the links in this issue work. If not, please let me know. :-)

Until next time...Keep Your Canary S-I-N-G-I-N-G!

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P.S. I almost forgot...

The American Singer Club is promoting a photo contest. It is for registered and banded American Singer canaries only. If you have a Roller or a Kitchen canary you canít enter.

But check out the photos. There are some really nice professionally done photos and a few humorous ones as well.

American Singer Photo Contest


"Canary Bird Recovers From Mobile Phone Mast Exposure"

From: Frans van Velden ( )
Birds suffer from biological effects of GSM, 3G (UMTS), DECT, WIFI, TETRA

August 14, 2005

Nijkerk (The Netherlands) - The canary bird of H. in Nijkerk has not sung for almost eight months. He was pecking his skin and loosing feathers.

The day after his cage was protected against the radiation of a GSM antenna mast at 50 metres distance, the bird started to make noise again and even produced some trills. Ten days after, he sits proudly on his stick and does not loose his feathers anymore.

The cage is in the living room. In this room, experts of Telecom Agency of the ministry of Economic Affairs of The Netherlands measured 1,14 V/m (ca. 3000 mikroWatt/m2) for GSM 1800 MHz. The cage has been protected by fine metal mesh and aluminum foil at the bottom.

Visitors think it's pathetic, but the bird is doing better thanks to the protection. He sings many times and a few days ago he has been heard singing in the early morning as well.

The owner of the canary bird has serious health problems himself. They started when a GSM 1800 MHz mast was installed on top of a building opposite of his home. The heating, television and other devices with electronic parts gave a lot of troubles.

When H. stays for a few days in a place without high frequency radiation, most of his complaints disappear and the others are reduced to a bearable level.

The experiment with the canary bird shows that health problems caused by mobile phone radiation are not psychological primarily, since a bird can not be anxious about an antenna installation. The cage is still in the same position and without draught. There has been no change in taking care of this bird.

The recovery of the canary can be explained only by the reduction of the intensity of the GSM mobile phone mast radiation (DECT telephones are removed and wireless computers absent). The intensity inside the cage is about 0,5 microWatt/m2 after protection.

Canary birds were once used in coal mines to check the quality of the air. When a canary died, the workers had to escape from the mine immediately.

The experiment with the canary in The Netherlands shows that birds are 'sensitive' as well for the electromagnetic radiation of mobile communication systems, including DECT-telephones and wireless networks. In fact this should not amaze anybody, since many scientific research has found biological ('non-thermal') effects of radiofrequency radiation in humans, animals and plants.

More information about the radiation of GSM, UMTS, DECT, WIFI etc.:

More information about this press release: or ++ 31 70 3820525


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Written by Darren Walker
(c) copyright 2005

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