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Top 3 Ways To End The Molt
September 29, 2005
How you can easily end the molt in your canary and get him singing again...


In todayís issue Iím going to share 3 easy ways to help end your canaryís molt and get him singing again AND insure continued good health.

Theyíre all easy to do and donít require that you buy a bunch of supplements or special foods.

And hereís the best part, you can be using these tips yourself as soon as you finish reading the article!

Read on to learn more...


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Thursday, Sept 29, 2005

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"Top 3 Ways to End Your Canaryís Molt"



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Sometimes the annual molt lingers on, well into autumn. This issue's article will help you JOLT THE MOLT out of your canary.


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"Top 3 Ways to End Your Canaryís Molt"

One of the biggest problems your canary will face is the annual molt. And if it lingers into an ďextended moltĒ, he may REALLY have problems.

As you likely know, your canary molts in the summer when days are at their longest of the year. This annual molt generally last 6 to 10 weeks and ends around the end of summer. Occasionally, though, a molt may last well into fall.

The worst thing about the annual molt is that itís hard on your canaryís health.

Molting is a difficult time because of the drain on your canaryís system while growing THOUSANDS of new feathers. If you can do something to end this rough period at the right time, and prevent an unnecessary extended molt, you should do it.

Another bad side effect of the molt is the lack of singing. Molting has such a weakening effect that your canary probably has stopped entertaining you with his songs.

So, here are 3 ways to bring an extended molt to a screeching halt and get your canary singing again.



The long dog days of summer are the main things that trigger your birds molt. As the days get shorter around the end of summer the molt should naturally come to an end.

You should notice less and less feathers littering the floor. You should also notice more and more singing. If not, hereís what you can do...

--Reduce the number of daylight hours your canary is exposed to.

Hopefully, youíve been taking my advice and covering your canaryís cage at sundown and removing the cover at sunrise. This gives your canary the most natural number of daylight hours throughout the year. reduce the amount of daylight your canary gets, simply cover his cage one hour BEFORE sunset---OR uncover one hour AFTER sunrise.

Youíll be reducing the number of daylight hours by one. This should shock him into an autumn attitude and help end the molt.


Heat is another trigger of the molt. Long hot days induce feather loss and lack of activity.

If the area of your canaryís cage is warm, his body may be telling him that itís still summer.

To help end the molt, simply cool him off.

Here are few ways you can do that...

*Turn on the cooler or the air conditioner.

*Move your bird to a cooler room in the house.

*Move him away from warm windows that get direct sunlight.

*Open some windows to allow air circulation.

*Provide a daily cool water bath.


No. Iím not suggesting you go out and get more canaries as companions. Although...having a second singer in the house WILL help.

But itís a lot less expensive and a lot less work to simply play some recorded canary songs.

Your canary doesnít know if the singing is real or Memorex. So, playing a good quality CD will make him think itís time to sing.

If he hears other canaries in the area singing, it will encourage HIM to follow suit. And it will help JOLT THE MOLT.


These 3 tips should help to end your canaries extended molt.

However, you wonít want to be too drastic in making light and heat changes. Gradual changes are best.

Sudden changes in temperature can especially be bad for your canaryís health. About a ten degree drop in a 2 week period is plenty. All you want to do is make it feel like summer is ending and autumn is starting.

And you donít want to end the molt pre-maturely. The molt is necessary for keeping feathers in good appearance and condition. But if youíre canary is having a hard time ending the molt you can use these tips to help put an end to it.

Once again...

--Less light
--Less heat
--More friends singing canary songs.

--A fourth way to help end the molt is to, of course, feed a great diet...

=Fresh and clean seed everyday.
=Greens 2 or 3 times a week
=Fruit a couple of times a week.
=Cuttlebone everyday

What about probiotics for good health?

Well, there has been a lot of talk lately about whether probiotics are TRULY beneficial.

In the next issue, Iíll weigh the pros and cons of probiotics.

Are they worth the money?

Are they TRULY beneficial?

Find out in the next issue of CanaryTips!

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Written by Darren Walker
(c) copyright 2005

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