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Defending Against Respiratory Disease
October 07, 2005

Darren here from

I received an email today from a trusted friend and want to pass it along to you.

This time of year is a good time to boost your canary's immune system. It's better to keep your bird healthy rather than try to cure him later.

So...without further delay, here is the reminder I received...


"Hi Darren,

One of the more common bird ailments that we deal with on a regular basis are respiratory infections. Birds with breathing problems make most bird owners just as nervous as if their young child had a breathing problem.

These respiratory conditions can develop as a result of bacterial and viral infections contacted from other birds or other animals in your home or even from you and even from the weather changing. Additionally, fungus in the lungs causes this condition too.

So what is the best defense when dealing with these health issues? First of all, of course, is prevention.

A bird with a really healthy strong immune system can usually thwart a bacterial or viral infection or at the most, suffer with a mild case that is easily fixed with Mother Nature's remedies.

This time of the year we definitely recommend adding herbs to your bird's food and/or water to help boost its immune system. We would do this at least two maybe even three days a week until the weather stabilizes and winter is here for keeps. Warm, then extremely cool, then back to warm weather causes not only people respiratory issues but also birds, even though they may not be in and out of the house like you are.

To help in preventing a respiratory infection from bacteria, it is an excellent idea to be adding a POWERFUL probiotic to your bird's food and/or water several times a week. Of course, this helps with the digestive bacterial balance, but it also will help keep your bird's entire body balanced with the proper bacterial balance in order to ward off pathogenic bacteria that are lurking for an animal in a weakened condition.

What about a breathing problem that has been treated and treated and still, the bird seems to have a chronic problem?

From our years of experience it has been shown that treating a bird with a specific herbal formula along with probiotics, and the bird continues with its breathing problem that the problem is not a virus or a bacteria, but rather from a fungal condition.

We recommend treating for pneumonia first because that is such a fast killer. If the bird still has the breathing issue after ten days, then we would recommend treating the bird for fungus or aspergillus as it is commonly known to conventional vets.

Aspergillus can and will kill a bird but it normally takes four or more months as compared to pneumonia that can kill in a matter of days or hours. So get the serious killer discounted, then go after the fungus that is in the lungs and air sacs. Unfortunately it is hard to tell from the bird's breathing which ailment it actually has and frankly you don't have much time for tests and more tests.

Treating a chronic breathing condition with antibiotics is an exercise in futility and spending your hard earned money. The antibiotics will suppress the already compromised/stressed immune system and push the infection deeper within the bird's body.

Thousands and thousands of bird owners unwittingly do this and they will see their pet improve for all the time the bird is on the antibiotic. Once the antibiotic period is over, the bird goes right back to being sick again because the bird's body is once again trying to push the infection UP and OUT of the body, thus the symptoms are visible once again.

==========DARREN'S NOTE==========
The key word here is "chronic".

Much of the time antibiotics will cure a bacterial infection. But for a stubborn (chronic) illness that antibiotics won't completely cure, you'll want to move on to another method of treatment.
========END DARREN'S NOTE========

Our recommendation is to get to the root cause of the problem with Mother Nature's herbs such as in our Systemajuv remedy. At the same time add ProBac Adult or ProBac Chick (depending upon how bad the situation is--ProBac Chick is much more powerful for combatting illnesses) to your bird's water and food for a several days. Then just either the food or the water.

If you do this for at least two weeks and your bird still has breathing problems, then get the Fungus Supplement and add to this protocol. Normally you will start to see and hear improvement in a matter of days for all these conditions. It really does not take long to get a bird back to health who has had a serious breathing problem.

Can Systemajuv really help with pneumonia? If saving seven $5,000 birds that had pneumonia with Systemajuv and ProBac Chick can be done, then your bird can be saved too. All it takes is you and the proper ingredients and fortunately we have the ingredients. Now it is up to you to prevent this uncomfortable condition from happening in the first place or easily solving it if your bird is now sick.

For more on bird breathing problems and our solutions for your birds, please go to this page:

Breathing Problems

We thought you might want to know since winter is on its way.

Yours for excellent bird health,

The Team
"Sick Birds Our Specialty, Healthy Birds Our Mission""

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