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The #1 Most Important Problem You Will Face as a Canary Owner
November 11, 2006
Your Guide to Canary Care Success.

“The #1 Most Important Problem You Will Face as a Canary Owner”



You and I have a BIG PROBLEM.

And because you and I have a big problem, our canaries have a big problem, too.

Your canary is incredibly capable of hiding a fatal illness. I KNOW...You’ve heard this before. But let’s get down to the nitty-gritty and talk about it. I mean REALLY talk about it. Your canary could be dieing right now. Look at him. Go ahead I’ll wait.

What do you see? Any signs of a sick canary? If there were any signs to see, do you know what they would be?

Seriously, it’s very difficult to tell if your canary is sick or perfectly healthy. After all, if he’s sick, he’s also easy prey. So, he hides any weaknesses.

Now, you and I both know that our canaries, in their powder coated cages, with their metal bars are not in any danger of being eaten by a slithery snake or a wily wild cat (unless of course you have a Sylvester in your household) but your canary doesn’t know that. His instincts tell him to ‘beware’ and ‘be aware’ at all times...just in case.

And because of that instinct your bird will hide any sickness that’s making him feel terrible.

And that is the #1 problem that you face as a canary owner.

So, how do you know if your canary is sick? Good question.

There are many, many symptoms and many signs that your canary will give you when he doesn’t feel well. Some of them are common sense and some are not.

I highly recommend that you regularly check your canary for the less obvious signs of illness or potential problems.

You do that with my Quick and Easy At-Home 3 Step Canary Health Exam. I’ve never seen this kind of exam process before. It’s almost like the canary people have been hiding these methods.

But I’m going to let you in on a little secret. I’m going to let you know how to absolutely, without question, skyrocket your ability to take GREAT care of your canary and keep him alive longer.

Are you ready?

All you need to do is one simple thing...


In this Ereport I gather centuries of knowledge of experienced canary owners and breeders into one single place. There is nothing else like it available.

You’ll have at your disposal a list of the 27 MOST IMPORTANT symptoms of a sick canary. You can use this information to protect your bird. Some symptoms are easily seen and some cannot be seen unless you know what to look for.

This eReport includes an easy-to-use 3 step system for giving your canary a free at-home health exam in only 7 minutes. 3 simple steps to insure your canary is not dieing. Is your canary worth 3 simple steps and 7 minutes of your time?

Everything is explained in a plain, step-by-step format that anyone can understand and use.

For all the details on how to absolutely, without question, skyrocket your ability to take care of your canary, check out “THE CANARY LOVERS GUIDE TO LISTENING TO YOUR PET CANARY BIRD” eReport at...

Let’s face it, some folks just ignore their canary’s health until he suffers and dies. Then I get the sad email that asks “What happened?”

Good food, fresh water, and plenty of exercise and love isn’t always enough. You need to UNDERSTAND your canary. You need to know how to LISTEN to your canary’s body language so you can care for him the way he deserves.

All the details are at

Are you ready to take an active role in your canary’s health care?

Take a peak at the report now.

And remember to always...

Make Your Canary S-I-N-G! :-)

Your Friend,

Darren P.D. Walker

P.S., Feel free to forward this email on to any friends or family that may be interested in the content. Let’s see how many canary owners we can help out. :-)


Written by Darren P.D. Walker
(c) copyright 2006

All rights reserved. No portion of this lesson or Ecourse may be reproduced in any way without the expressed written permission of Darren P.D. Walker.

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