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Hens Laying Eggs and Only a Few Copies Left
March 10, 2007
Your Guide to Canary Care Success.


Iíve got a quick tip for you today plus an update on the Special Introductory Price on the new Ebook.

--HENS and EGGS--

First of all, thereís something important you should know if you have a canary hen.

I always get a lot of emails this time of year from people who want to know why there canary is laying eggs without a male. Thatís right! A canary hen does NOT need a male to lay eggs.

Of course, those eggs will not be fertile, but itís just simply unnatural for a canary hen to not have a mate and so she will go through the breeding season just like she had a male the whole time...and lay eggs.

Hereís the most important part, egg laying can be quite a chore. Most breeders will allow their hens to lay and set 3 clutches of eggs per year. And that can reduce a henís life-span considerable. These hens often are sold off after their third year of breeding and lose their life at around 5 or 6, or maybe 7 years of age.

So, the bottom line is DONíT LET YOUR LONE HEN LAY EGGS. It will weaken her immune system, leaving her open to illness, and shorten her life.


The best way to stop egg laying is to provide your hen with a nest and plastic eggs. She'll likely set on these and not lay her own. Provide her with these fake eggs around mid-February and leave them in until mid-June.

If you need fake eggs see...


As you probably already know, there is a special introductory price on the new ebook, The Canary Lovers Guide To Preventing Your Canaryís Overnight Death--How to Prevent Illness and Successfully Treat Your Canary When Heís Sick.

The first 100 copies are being sold at a heavy discount. Well, guess what, 24 hours after the official release there are ONLY 27 COPIES LEFT.

So, if youíre on the fence about getting the ebook and all the freebies that come with it, now may be the time to act. The price is going up as soon as the 100th copy is sold...and that wonít be long now.

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Until next time...

Make Your Canary S-I-N-G!

Your Friend,

Darren P.D. Walker
How To Prevent Illness And Successfully Treat Your Canary When Heís Sick

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