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Your Canary May Not Like This...
April 27, 2007
Your Guide to Canary Care Success.


I hope all is well with you and your canary. Youíre getting an important tip today about your canary and territoriality. That article is below.

The release of The Canary Lovers Guide To Preventing Your Canaryís Overnight Death was, and continues to be, a rousing success. Thank you.

Other canary websites are recommending it and canary lovers from all around the world are still coming by to get their copies.

CanaryTips! subscriber Lee-ann wrote me and asked a good question. Iíve posted her question and my answer below.

Lee-ann writes: "HI there Darren

Thank you for the articles, I have really enjoyed them.

We have a little male of about 8 months. He seems to be doing quite well. He loves his food and sings up a storm.

We have often found him sitting quietly next to his mirror when I arrive home from work, so we were thinking of getting him a friend to keep him company when we are not at home.

How will this affect him? And would you recommend it?

Your advice would be greatly appreciated

Kind regards Lee-ann


Hi Lee-ann

Good to hear from you.

Your canary doesn't need any company to live a long healthy life. He'll get a long fine on his own.

You, yourself, can provide plenty of company for your canary. Keep him in a room that you visit often, bring him treats, talk to him, and let him out of his cage for some free-flight while you're in the room.

When you're not there, play the radio or some recorded canary songs.

In a small cage 2 canaries will often fight. In fact, having a mirror in the cage is generally not a good idea. As I state in The Canary Lovers Guide To Preventing Your Canary's Overnight Death, "A mirror may cause more problems than they solve".

Canaries are not particularly social. However, they don't want to be isolated from all life forms either. Being able to hear and see wild birds through a window also often helps a canary feel more "at-home".

If you do decide to get another canary, keep them in the same room together but in separate cages and at opposite ends of the room. If there is enough distance between them they won't feel their territory is being violated and they will sing more. Until next time...

Make Your Canary S-I-N-G!

Your Friend,

Darren P.D. Walker
How To Prevent Illness And Successfully Treat Your Canary When Heís Sick

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