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Whats New! Canary Types and Fat Canaries
October 08, 2004
Canary Tips! Express
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Friday October 8, 2004

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Filled with timely tips, Canary Tips! Express is designed to be your UP-TO-DATE canary care guide that helps you provide the BEST living conditions for your flying friend. :-)

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Table of Contents
1) It's Here!...Canary Types
2) My Big Fat Canary
3) Thank You For Your Kind Words


 Coming SOON to

1) Audios of Canary Songs.

2) More information on where to find the best deal on canary supplies...complete with special discounts from favorite retailers.



It's here...

The new canary types pages. Origins, descriptions, pictures, and club information on the most popular canary types...Gloster, American Singer, Red Factor, etc.

Start at
and just follow the links from there.

There are 17 new pages.  These should keep you busy for a while...until the next CanaryTips!


My Big Fat Canary

Ok, my friend...shame on you for letting your canary
become a fat canary...

Canaries can overeat just like you and me--and I LOVE my vanilla ice cream and fresh baked brownies as much as the next guy--but let's get real...

A fat canary is an UNHEALTHY canary. He'll have trouble breathing, flying, breeding (if your into that), and, yes...

Even SINGING. the right thing by your pet canary...AND YOU.

What's the "right thing"?

--Good Question--

Here's the answer...

"Feed your canary correctly."

That's the short answer and I have a feeling you KNEW I was going to say that. ;-)

First of all...there are certain foods that your canary SHOULD have in his cage 24/7...

  • Canary seed mixture
  • Cuttlebone
  • Fresh Water

Aside from these, the occasional...

  • Veggie
  • Fruit
  • Egg Food

...will be appreciated by your canary and will keep him happy and healthy.  That's all he really needs.

Throw in some dry oatmeal or cooked brown rice now and then and you've got a happy skinny canary that gets something different everyday.

Variety in his diet is good.

Your pet canary is not going to get fat on the items mentioned above...except maybe...

  • Eggfood

Eggs are least the yolk is.  No surprise here--you've heard that all your life, right?  So, go easy on the egg. Three times per week is plenty for your skinny AND fat canary. And...

Remove the egg from the cage after a couple of hours so your fat canary doesn't over eat and/or end up eating spoiled egg.

Go easy on all other treats like millet sprays, pure canary seed (from the canary grass plant), nuts, and any other fattening foods. 

If it's fattening for you--it's fattening for him.  So...

Also, avoid bread, crackers, meats, sweet desserts--

no brownies or ice cream...keep those for YOURSELF.

And on the RARE occasion you do give your fat canary something that might make him fat...remove it in about 10 minutes.  He'll get a nice snack...that's ALL he should have--not a full meal of powdered donut...

You're fat canary will be skinny and energetic in no time...the way nature intended.

Your fat canary...feed him the GOOD stuff and hold back on the BAD stuff.

For more on feeding canaries all the staples AND TREATS go to...'s Canary Food here.

This info on fat canaries is also available as a web page at


Thank You For Your Kind Words

Some of you have emailed me with complements on the Canary Tips! Ezine and I want to thank you for the kind words.

I've even included some of them on the site in different places to encourage others to join us on the subscription list.

Thanks again and...until next time...

Keep your canary SINGING!


Written by Darren Walker
(c) copyright 2004


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