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*How I speedily cut my canaries nails

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"Dear Darren, I have just received your latest issue...I really enjoyed reading it. Some of the canary tips came in very handy, especially the section about the canaries feet and legs...Thanks again for the most informative tips and looking forward for the next issue."

-Godwin Callus,

"...was wondering if you had sent out the new newsletter yet...I didn't want to miss your monthly newsletters because I really enjoy them & you've helped me out a lot! I am saving them in a special folder for future reference. Thanks very much for all the advice!.

-Lisa Steider,


"Many thanks for your wonderful articles on canaries. My father died 2 years ago and I was left to look after his 3 canaries. Being a rookie I made many mistakes...Luckily I found you on the internet and your advice is excellent and I am following all your tips and the birds are quite happy. Thanks again for your helpful hints. Yours faithfully.

-Max Edwards, South Australia,


"...about a month ago my bird was not singing, I started to cover his cage as suggested and he started to sing within 3 weeks. This morning he sang for 4 hours straight. What a delight, thank you for your advise."


"Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed and benefited from your Ezine tips - I have already read all the back issues you listed and am looking forward to the next release! I am genuinely appreciative of your work and enjoy your writing style as well - very "down to earth."

-Debbie Lewis,


I've read your newsletters and you corner the market on what to do with canaries. Thanks so much for your help!

-Dianna Bowling,


Dear Darren, Thanks so much...I love my little canary. He's got so much personality. I never would have imagined. Anyway, it has a lot of good tips. Thanks again



Hi Darren, I enjoy the Canary Tips! They provide much information which is difficult to obtain elsewhere.

-Dennis Neuin,


Hi D - Thanks so much for your interesting, entertaining and informative newsletters - I just love all the stuff you write and send out, so keep up the good work...the style of writing is great!

-Heather Balouza,


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