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But I have enough experience with canaries to help solve whatever problem you and your pet bird have. 

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Believe me, I know what I'm talking about.  I got my first pet bird when I was about 8 years old and have rarely been without one since. AND...

Over the years I've learned a lot about bird care including...

  • Setting up a comfortable, safe, & healthy living area for pet birds.
  • Providing the best breeding conditions.
  • How to help prevent your bird from getting sick in the first place.
  • How to keep a close look-out for hard to spot symptoms.
  • What treatments can be harmful to your bird.
  • What treatments DON'T work.
  • Home remedies that will save you tons of cash.
  • The best situations in which to see a veterinarian.
  • And a whole lot more that won't even begin to fit on this page.

I have years of bird care experience, I'm constantly in contact with experienced avian vets, and, you should see my book shelf--it's loaded with bird care publications--I've spent a good portion of my life studying the writings of the most respected breeders and bird care specialists around.


The canary--with it's beautiful song and energetic personality--is my favorite pet bird.  Yours too?

Is your canary's physical well-being important to you? 
Do you know enough about canary care to keep him strong and vibrant? Few do.

That's where Canary Care GOLD comes in.

You have at your disposal an experienced canary pet owner and breeder with...

Years of pet birding experience...A mind filled with canary care information that wants to burst forth with helpful anecdotes.

And whatever I don't know...I'll find.  I'll do the exhausting and time-consuming research so you don't have to.

There are basically two types of questions Canary Care GOLD can answer...

1.  Have a question about...
             Canary Sickness?

You should remember-->Canaries and other birds will HIDE any illness until it gets so bad it's serious.  Its all part of the predator-prey relationship--"If you look sick you also look like EASY prey".

If your canary is sick he'll pretend to be healthy. So...

  • Keep a close watch for early symptoms.
  • Feed a well balanced diet.
  • Make sure your canary gets some exercise.
  • Keep his home clean.
  • Keep his environment stress free.

If you've provided great canary care and your bird STILL gets sick--it happens--try to see an avian vet.  A vet can do the most for your canary in the shortest amount of time. However...You'll have to balance...

Monetary Value and Personal Value.

I do realize that sometimes the high fee of a veterinarian will go above and beyond the actual monetary value of your bird.  Of course...

Money isn't everything-->You place a high personal value on your canary as well.  So-->Is it worth paying the high fees to take your canary to a vet?  Only you can decide...

"See the vet or use home treatment?"

It is an unfortunate dilemma. But... Canary Care GOLD can help. Just let me know what YOUR information needs are and I'll shoot a detailed and helpful answer to you right away.



I'm going to do something now that most internet marketers would call "S-T-U-P-I-D".

But in the long run it's going to be best for you and best for your canary and that's what's most important to me.

Ready? Here it goes...

Don't buy Canary Care GOLD.

Yes, you read that right. Don't buy this service.

After years of providing Canary Care GOLD, I've finally written an extensive ebook on caring for sick canaries.

The fact is most everything I know is in my most recent ePackage "The Canary Lovers Guide To Preventing Your Canary’s Overnight Death --How To Prevent Illness and Successfully Treat Your Canary When He's Sick"

Plus, when you buy that package I include a bonus where I answer your email questions for free.

So, you see, you are better served by getting that extensive package and then, if it doesn't answer your questions, you can contact me and I'll do my best to help you out.

Crazy huh? What kind of idiot offers something for sale then says, "Don't buy it". (I'm raising my hand.)

Anyway, if you're interested you can learn more about the "PREVENT" ePackage at

On the other hand, I know that sometimes we get in a hurry and it's really nice to be able to have that one-on-one coaching as soon as possible. So, if you're still interested in getting in touch with me right away via Canary Care GOLD, continue on and I'll be glad to assist. If that's the case, keep reading...

2.  Have a...
             General Canary Related Question?

Whatever is on your mind...this service can help.

  • Are you a new canary owner and need specific help?
  • Or are you a veteran canary owner with a new problem?
  • Perhaps you've seen some unusual behavior in your canary that you haven't seen before.
  • Maybe you read an article on-line or in a book and you want more detail.
  • Or you're starting to breed canaries and need advice.

Regardless of what the scenario is, let me know...Let me help.

This service is not intended to fix every problem you or your canary might have.  I am not an avian vet.  I can't "cure" your canary--especially not through digital space--that's your job.

So What Does Canary Care GOLD Do?

  • It will give you a ton of information on your particular situation so that YOU can make an informed decision
  • It provides the tools--in the form of knowledge--that give you the opportunity to do what's in the best interest of your canary.
  • It gives information that you will be able to use over the entire course of your bird-keeping life-time.
  • It gives you the confidence and peace of mind that comes with quality canary care. won't become an avian specialist overnight.  And whether you decide to treat your canary yourself OR see an avian vet...The knowledge you will have gained will be invaluable.

You can order Canary Care GOLD! below.

Why just have a canary?

Have a canary that S-I-N-G-S!

...A canary that's full of life...that's overflowing with a positive mental, social, and emotional attitude.

Great canary care will give you that canary.

With Canary Care GOLD you get...

  1. A detailed, focused, in-depth report regarding your canary's specific problem or your individual question.

    • If you have a sick bird...

      • You'll be provided a discussion of what the symptoms might mean and other symptoms you should be looking for, plus...Ill let you know what the possible diagnosis is AND all the relevant treatment options available.  Then YOU can make the best choice for your canary.
    • If you simply have a general question about canary care that needs a detailed answer...

      • You'll get a bucket-load of information to aim you in the right direction for accomplishing your goals.
  2. I'll also point you to any helpful sites that can offer additional advice.
  3. Whenever possible I'll have an avian vet chime in and offer her high-valued recommendation.
  4. FREE unlimited follow up questions for 10 days after you receive your initial report.
  5. A FREE E-booklet--or as I like to call it..."E-Checklist"-- entitled, "COMMON CANARY DISEASES - A Quick Checklist" By Australian Bird Specialist Dr. Colin Walker  BSc, BVSc, MRCVS, MACVSc (Avian health).

    • This E-Checklist lists 18 of the most common canary illnesses along with
      • primary symptoms
      • secondary symptoms
      • causes
      • treatment information

Click below now and let Canary Care GOLD help catapult you to canary care success.

"So...How much does it cost?"

              How much should it cost?

What is the REAL value of avoiding a languishing pitifully unhealthy canary?  After's not just your canary that can suffer but you as well.  No animal lover likes to have a sick pet.  Its heartbreaking.

With bird care consultants charging rates of $100 to $175 per session it would be reasonable to expect the cost to be well into the $100 + range...but I want to be in the low end of that range.

You get the...

  • Detailed report
  • References
  • FREE unlimited follow-ups
  • FREE E-Checklist

For $97

I know that this price is higher than many can afford and that's why earlier I mentioned the "The Canary Lovers Guide To Preventing Your Canary’s Overnight Death --How To Prevent Illness and Successfully Treat Your Canary When He's Sick"

It's a very extensive canary care course that will likely answer your questions. 

Or click the button below and I could be helping you today.

Wishing you all the best.

Your Friend,
Darren P.D. Walker

P.S.  Don't procrastinate...Your canary can get sick, show symptoms, then die within a couple of days.  With such a fast metabolism, an illness can move through your canary's system faster than last-nights iceberg lettuce.-->Don't feed your canary iceberg lettuce!

I'll present you with all the possibilities then YOU make the best decision for you and your canary.  Consider it the latest installment of your "Canary Care Education".

If you don't get what you need...YES! You can ask for your money back anytime.

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