How To Tell Gender Of Canary

by Chloe Boetcher
(Cape Town)

Young Canaries

Young Canaries

Tap nest box with finger, if you see some chicks with their head down and tail up that means they are a male (the females will just stare at you).

I got this info from (it is James Anagnos unique way of telling telling the gender of a canary)

No offense intended but this sounds like just another old wives tale to me. The reason this method is "unique", and no one else uses it, is because IT DOESN'T WORK!

Try it if you like, you'll see that you'll get the gender correct about 50% of the time, which of course, my 3 year old daughter can do with her eyes closed.

Thanks for your comment.

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Mar 07, 2015
That was an amazing NEW
by: Anonymous

That was an amazing discovery made on chicks. I have no idea on how to differentiate the male and female one's. But the way it's been explained here is just amazing. I was looking to rush my essays and found this share in my search. Keep posting more.

Feb 20, 2015
love my canary NEW
by: felter

Does this really work? I mean I have already heard about this and tried it with my canaries, but they all just stare at me. But I am pretty sure that I have male ones in them too. EHR Software

Nov 24, 2013
gender NEW
by: coli d

if u turn the bird upside down when is featherd up if it has two to three long feathers on the vent it could be a male not a 100% but it has worked for me most of the time

Mar 20, 2012
Gender please
by: james

I am sure after experience for many YEARS,a Canary breeder should give you a answer on the gender of the Canary ?...could someone help please? James.South Africa

Mar 02, 2012
by: Anonymous

I have heard this many times before but all vets say that you cant tell untill they are an adult.
I have a red Canary who is eight months old and nine days I cant tell which gender he is but if you have any more infomation then please put it on. I could use some help.

Canarys ROCK !!!

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