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Franks birds

I have been going to this wonderful breeder and fancier in West Hollywood for years and find him to be informative, reasonably priced and a joy to visit

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Canary Breeder in Pittsburgh

High quality American Singer Club registered canaries in Pittsburgh, PA www.thecanaryfarm.net

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I am new at raising my canaries and would like to know if they can eat carrots?

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I don't know what to do??

My canary recently got sick, and I was so scared, but my sister told me not to worry about it. After that, I took the canary out of her cage and fed her,

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Help! The Avian Vet doesn't know what is causing this!

I received my canary as a gift around Christmas time. Apparently one of his feet and legs was swollen when my son purchased him. I brought him to the avian

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Your tips for scaley feet make my canary cripple

i follow your tips for scaley feet, you said to rub camphor with vaseline,,, now my canary legs are bad...my email is josedelvalle1116@gmail.com..i dont

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Wild Canary?

Very small varied in brown feathers...male? Has red on chest...sings like a canary. Is it a finch or a canary?? Mrs Sherman

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He won't sing anymore

My male used to sing great, 2 months nothing--changed nothing--3 yrs. old veg and fruit daily--bath daily alone i became friends now waits all the time

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He's Breathing Fast And So Thin

I have a kanary male he's breathing fast and he's thin,what to do please advise . DARRENS COMMENT This could be any one of a number of different things...

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Ways To Discourage Air-Sac Mites

I give my canary Maestro fresh Oregano leaves to eat with his greens as well as laying fresh Lavender sprigs on top of his cage. Apparently this helps

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English canary has 1/2

After picking away the dry hard poop the anus looks swollen and can't see any exit hole.

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looking for longest possible canary

I am looking fr a canary with a longest possible size and slime and longest tail as a type canary for breeding. any comment?

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The Canary Blues

Hi, I rescued a canary that had to have a leg amputated because a breeder put his band on too tight. He was to replace the canary I had for twelve years;

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Canary not comfortable

Hello ı would like to ask a question actually. My canary wasnt singing for a long time trurh is it was not my canary at first and he was not singing at

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How can I heal my canary's limp.?

He is keeping his foot against his body, looks like ankle fracture yet will fly from perch to perch to bath,to eat & drink I have him in small hospital

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Black Canary

I just purchased a canary that is mostly black in color with a little yellow underneath. Never seen one like this before. Are they common?

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Canary Home Remedies For Mites

Scatt of course . But for the scaly feet I washed their feet twice daily in warm soapy water with a few drops of original Listerine, pat them dry and rub

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2 Pairs of Show Quality Fife Canaries For Sale - $80

2 Pairs of show quality Fife Canaries for sale. These fifes come from a line of champion fifes. The Fifes were born this year. Price is firm. Will ship.

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Outdooor Canaries

I have a walk-in simple wire enclosed cage apx 5 feet in diameter and 6ft high. I keep 14 canaries even during the winter in the outside cage and feed

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PLASE FOR INFORMATION FOR sale CANERES 210 5689860 alicia vargas thanks

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Sick Canary

Hi, I have been a Canary owner for the past two years. He is normally a very cheerful canary and he's normally out of his cage going around in the kitchen

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Canary Feather Loss Around The Neck

What can I do? What caused feather loss around the neck and how to overcome them? Thanks

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What Type Are My Canaries?

Hi, I have some canaries but recently I bought two more canaries The seller said that they are belgian canaries, I don't think so. They are yellow with

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Watering Canary

I bought a desktop fountain for my canary's cage so he always has fresh running water for drinking, bathing and he loves to play in the fountain.

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The Smaller The Food Dish The Better.

If you fill up a large food dish you most likely will leave it go for days. A smaller feeder will make you change it with the water dish at the same time

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Canary Free-Flying

I have had several canaries over the years. They have always seemed to be perfectly happy living in their cage. As a note, I do have a huge cage filled

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Feeding A Skinny Canary

If you look at the bird's chest and see that he is nothing but skin and bones, you have to feed him a lot more than good old canary seed. Here is

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Canary Bonding

I had a canary for 8 years while growing up. Lady was an aggressive hen who sang. I would take her out to the backyard (holding her securely so she

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My canary, Pepper, is so personable. Truly a joy in the home. His morning, afternoon and evening singing is so beautiful. He is allowed to fly freely

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