Wage War on
Canary Illnesses

Powerful tips for treating canary illnesses with medicines.
Which medicines to use and when.


Canary disease or illness is the enemy and can pop up at any time for seemingly no reason-->

  1. You’ve kept your canary’s cage clean, 
  2. fed him all the right foods, 
  3. he has the right sized cage and gets plenty of exercise, 

and yet he STILL may get sick.


Below in illustration of what a sick canary looks like.

  • Listless
  • Fluffed up feathers
  • Sitting on bottom of cage
  • Loss of appetite
Canary IllnessesCanary Illnesses

Three Main Canary Illnesses

MOST illnesses that canaries contract are caused by three specific things...

  1. Bacterial Infection
  2. Viral Infection
  3. Fungal Infection

For the most part, a healthy canary can fight off any of these attackers.

Problems start when your bird has a lowered immune system which can be caused by improper lighting, poor nutrition, or high stress.

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First Actions Against Canary Illnesses

It's inevitable that at some point in your canary's life he WILL contract some kind of canary sickness. 

There are many illnesses your canary may get and it's often difficult--even for an Avian Veterinarian--to diagnose canary disease.  But...

If your canary is showing symptoms of sickness you must act...and act quickly

Your canary's fast metabolism can help speed up the enemy's process and can KILL your canary quite rapidly. And...

You can choose to diagnose your canary yourself.  Many do. I do. So...I must ask...

Are you prepared?

If you decide to treat your sick canary bird yourself the first thing you should do is

  • --Isolate him from other birds and from any stressful situations.
  • --Make sure he is warm with a hospital cage, ceramic lamp, or at the very least a heating pad draped across one end of the cage.
  • --Give him plenty of fresh food and water.

For more on the first things to do when you have a sick canary see 
"First Actions".

Keep in mind that a veterinarian is your best option in saving your birds life.

That being said, we have to be realistic. You may be on a limited income. Or perhaps the nearest avian vet is 200 miles away from your home.

Only YOU can decide what's in the best interest of you and your bird.

After you've taken these first, very important steps...

Note all symptoms and try to figure out if he has contracted one of the common canary illnesses...click here for a few canary illnesses. If you think you know what canary illness your bird has-->treat accordingly. However...

Most of the time you're just NOT going to know what's wrong with your sick canary.  The best you can do is give your canary the things he needs to fight off whatever enemy is attacking him...

  • Help him get his system in balance
  • Build up a strong immune system.

How do you do this?  Glad you asked. 

First, let's talk about what medicine is very effective on canary illnesses BUT you should be VERY careful with.  Your birds life depends on this. 
Click here to find out----->

A safer healthier alternative to the one mentioned above is probiotic.

Probiotic is designed to FLOOD your canary bird's system with GOOD bacteria or microbes, forcing the excess BAD bacteria out of his system via urine and feces.

Click here to learn more about probiotics and how they can help your canary rebound from a devastating sickness.


While your canary bird is recovering from his bacterial imbalance help rejuvenate his immune system with a good immunity builder.

I'm going to recommend one more thing for nursing your canary bird back to health...this one is common sense but we should go over it again...

Click here to discover the very important way to help keep your canary healthy...This one you already know about.

Canary Medicines: Say No To Drugs...When Possible

About now you're wondering...

"Where am I going to get these natural products?"...good question.

Pet stores typically won't carry this kind of product.  They've been brainwashed into thinking DRUGS are the only answer.  Drugs are NOT the only answer...unless the question is...

"Why is it when my bird recovers from an illness he gets better for a few days and then gets sick again?" --->Answer:  DRUGS.

D-R-U-G is a four letter word, you know...Just like "DIET" and "WORK" and a few others that I can't mention...

Drugs have side-effects that can cause additional problems.

DON'T GET ME WRONG THOUGH. I do understand that sometimes a drug is needed to combat a canary illnesses.

But as much as possible, I recommend keeping your canary healthy via good foods, a clean stress free environment, and natural supplements.

All I'm trying to say is that PREVENTION is way better than treating after your bird is sick.

These natural remedies are the long term solution to canary illnesses...

  • Building...not tearing down.
  • Strengthening...not weakening.
  • Moving forward...not backward.

Taking one step forward and two steps back doesn't get you ahead.  That's what drugs do--they move your canary's health backward by destroying the very thing that makes him healthy.

You should be keeping natural remedies on hand at all times.  I do this and it has saved many a bird...

Time is not on your side though. Canary illnesses can move through a canary’s body rather quickly. You should have a canary first-aid kit available at all times...you may not have time to drop by the pet store on the way home from work tomorrow...If you do it may be too late.

According to the Journal of the American Medical Association published in June 2000, pharmaceutical drugs kill over 200,000 human Americans every single year. Who knows how many of these toxic pharmaceutical drugs kill our pets each year. 

Every day I become more and more confident in these herbal remedies.  They're working great on all kinds of pets--that's right, I said "all kinds".  Not just birds but...dogs and cats too!

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