Picky Canary Eater--Won't Eat Seeds

by Gina
(Los Angeles)

My canary refuses to eat canary seeds. He will only eat green lettuce and cheese crackers. I know crackers are not good but be cannot just live on lettuce. He will not eat carrots, celery, fruit, bread, etc etc, I have tried everything else.

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Apr 24, 2020
Canary not eating seeds NEW
by: Erica

Hello, Recently, My male canary stopped eating his seeds. I am waiting for an order of scatt because I think his appetite has decreased from air sad mites. He is drinking water, eating apples, oranges and egg yolks hard boiled. But, he won’t touch his seed or mullet seed treat. I even tried boiling the seeds. He always goes for the egg. Any suggestions? Thank you.

Apr 30, 2019
Canary diet requirements NEW
by: Anonymous

Don’t feed your canary seeds, they don’t provide enough nutrients and my canaries are nutrient deficient from just eating seeds, they were previously owned by a owner that abandoned them and left them in bad condition..
now I’m trying to get them to eat veggies and to start them on a Crumble diet that has all the proper nutrients, vitamins etc. VETAFARM is the way to go..
recommended by avian vet because the canaries I have have been struggling with feather cyst and sickness because of just eating seed..

I advise you only from experience seeing the poor canaries suffer from not having the previous owner be educated enough on canaries to feed them the right food to have them live a healthy stress free life.

Jun 06, 2018
No seed NEW
by: Anonymous

My male canary will not eat seed at all...ive tried over 5 different seed brands, including, abba, volkman,and some cheaper brands. He only wants veggies and fruit.

Dec 14, 2017
This is a first...
by: Darren

Hi Gina,

I think this is a first. I don't recall ever hearing of a canary that won't eat seeds.

Nonetheless, I do have a couple of recommendations...actually three are coming to mind as I write this...

1. First, try boiling the seeds for 15 to 20 minutes, let them cool to room temperature, then see if he's interested.

Some canary breeders are "anti-boil" but I started doing it for my hens and chicks years ago and it has worked out just fine. See...


If that doesn't work try...

2. Soaking the seeds overnight. Rinse them well after soaking for 24 hours.

Next, try...

3. Soaking the seeds long enough for them to start to sprout. Known as "Soak Seed" or "Soaked Seed" or "Sprouted Seed". 48 to 72 hours. Keep them clean by rinsing often.

You can try the seed you have on hand but there are also sprouting seeds available online.

See... http://amzn.to/2kwfNqq

OK, one more recommendation...

4. Use food pellets. I call it "canary chow". I prefer to keep things as natural as possible...seeds, fruits, and veggies but in your case pellets, I think, would be just fine.


I just thought of one more...last one, I promise...

5. Just try a new bag of seed. Perhaps the one you have is old, stale, mildewed, etc. In fact, you might want to just get a different variety, or brand, of seed...try a different company.

I hope one of those ideas helps.

All my best,

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