Outdoor Aviary

by Paul Cramer
(SF Bay Area, Calif)

Hi all,

MY First post here. I've been keeping birds for over 35 years and I'd like to share some pics of my outdoor set up with you. I'm always looking for new ideas so maybe we can share some pics of your set-ups as well.

This is actually a remodel of the original - with most of the mistakes I made now corrected. My birds have a semi-natural habitat with over 65' of flight space and a small creek that runs the entire length in Summer. About half the aviary is a weather protected walk-in where they all go to roost at night. At the moment, I have 23 fascinating species of dove, quail, finch and canaries. I'm not a commercial breeder but I do have 14 selective breeding cages that I only use for a few months of the year for the best canary success rate.

I'm still working, so I had to design this project in a way that is not to labor intensive. Easy cleaning, fast water and food service, plus 3 close up observation areas that I' able to visit every day. The whole thing had to blend with the gardens and not stand out so much, so the outdoor flight in particular is low profile and landscaped inside and out.

This project might look like a lot of work but's really more of a personal joy...



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Aug 17, 2023
Outdoor Aviaries
by: Carl

This is a really Beautiful setting & so perfect for the birds & enjoyment for the owner. A lot of thought here really paid off the birds & the owner. How fortunate for both.

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