by Randall Brown
(Lucasville, Ohio 45648 US of A)

Hello, I am Randall.

I breed red and yellow canaries for 5 years now.

It's been a wonder hobby for me. I have learned a lot, but certainly not everything..I would love to share some things that work for me, and hopefully you as well.

My bird room is formally an extra bedroom..I can keep watch on my birds and help keep the dust contained in to that room by using a walk thru screen door that magnetically snaps tightly closed right behind me.

If a bird escapes, I know it's safe in that room.They are a AS SEEN ON TV products. I still see them at Walmart and very much worth the 10 dollors.

Also so as for the dust and dander, I have 2 air filtration systems going..they are just 20 by 20 inch fans from the dollar store.. I buy cheap 20 by 20 inch furnace filters.. when ya turn on the fan, the filter sucks up perfectly to the fan. It holds on for as long as the fan is running.

I set them on the floor. I don't have any cages that are that low to the floor. So my birds are safe from being in a draft.

An other BIG time saver is all my canaries drink from hamster water bottles. Be extremely careful when you start this. Don't take their water cups away suddenly. For just a few hours a day put the water bottle in same place as their empty water bowl. As soon as 1 bird figures it out, it won't take long for your other birds to follow. Such a big time saver.

And they always have fresh poop free water. Your baby birds will naturally do what they see their parents do.

I bought a bunch of clear glass bowls 4 for a dollar at The Dollar Tree. I use these for any wet or damp foods, boiled egg, chopped greens,,ect.

These glass bowls are so much easier to clean than the plastic ones that often come with your cage.

I hope that I didn't ramble on to much. Hopefully I suggested something that will be helpful to everyone and make their canary hobby a little easier and you enjoy your birds even more..

An to all the breeders that read this.I hope you have the best breeding season yet.❤

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Feb 25, 2023
by: Steve

I really enjoyed reading your Canary Care.
I live in NW part of Ohio; not sure where you are located in Ohio. Everything seemed easy to follow. This is my first year with Canaries. Have a pair with 4 chicks already, wasn't planning to start until March 19 like they suggest, but they decided for me they would not wait. Hoping they all survive; as I am a trial and error procedure; along with reading several book, which differ greatly on how to care for them. Thanks for the information, and any additional help is appreciated. Steve

Feb 24, 2023
Excellent Canary Tips!
by: Darren

Thanks Randall, those are some great tips!

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