Canary Lost Singing

by Leonel Ramirez
(california usa)

My canary got sick and is making some noise when breathing. And after that he lost his voice is no singing any more he try but nothing is coming out, please advise what SHOULD I DO?

Thank you,

Leonel Ramirez

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Dec 20, 2018
Canary cages NEW
by: Hilary

Hi Darren, Thank you for your emails which I find very interesting. I have 32 canaries and keep 30 of them in two large aviaries in the garden. I do not like seeing canaries confined to small cages, the only time they are caged is when they are in double breeding cages for nesting and mine are 48" long. I have two handreared canaries, one imprinted and they are free to fly around the house. I just pop them both in a cage at night, mainly for their own safety because they like roosting on the top of the room doors which can be dangerous for them!

Hilary in the United Kingdom

Jan 01, 2018
What you could do to help ur canary- AIR SAC MITES :( :( NEW
by: Anonymous

awww, thats so sad, I had a similar experience with my bird, and didn't know what to do, and he died later on, which of course was sad, but at the same time I never want it to happen to another canary. Your bird may be less vocal; in the case of canaries they may stop singing Deteriorating feather quality Your bird may appear fluffed up and less active Should your bird have a more advanced case of air sac mites the following may be seen: Sneezing Coughing Wheezing Squeaking or high-pitched noises Wet nostrils Excessive saliva Breathing that appears labored Breathing with his mouth open Tail bobbing Weakness Loss of weight Clicking sounds when he is breathing
The link below is medicine that works wonders on your canary, and hopefully, it will cure him, making him void of any mites, just make sure to give him his favorite food, isolate, fresh seeds, water, fruits, veggies, and of course keep him warm, but this alone won't ever cure him, without the right medicine :) :)

Dec 31, 2017
Air Sac Mites?
by: Darren

Hi Leonel,

This sounds like Air Sac Mites. I always start with mite treatment when there are breathing problems.


Hope that helps,

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