Breeding: I can't get it right

by eeddi
(Boca Raton Florida)



Sorry, my english is not good...

when i started it was easy 4 canarys one cage and biing it is hell for me spanish say pluck the down and swollen long is male and smaller vent is female, also fighting i hate it but one man told me if you dont use breeder cages that a a good ! fght is what you want,i am lost and have had no babies yet this year.
Alsothe wing flapping what is that and theflight dodgeing what is that oh so confused.

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Feb 22, 2023
Canary Fighting is Not Good
by: Darren

No, fighting is not good.

If you are positive that you have a male and a female, I would recommend a larger cage. That might help stop the fighting. And it might make them comfortable enough to breed.

Bigger is always better.

Regarding the wing flapping, that is another sign that your birds are not getting enough exercise in a small cage. They'll hang on to the perch or nest and flap they're wings like crazy just to try and get some energy out.

All my best and good luck!

Darren :)

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