The American Singer Canary.

The American Singer Canary is hailed by many to be the best canary bird to be kept as a pet.


Because they are bred not only to be great singers but to have an awesome appearance too.

A cross between the Border Canary (Type Canary) and a German Roller (Song Canary) created the...

American Singer Canary.

The plan was to create a canary that is 2/3 Roller and 1/3 Border--The Roller being a well respected singer from Germany and the Border a beautiful Type canary from Great Britain.

The idea was to create an American canary that was BOTH considered pleasing to the eye as well as the ear. These canaries use both rolled and chopped notes giving them a reputation for a WIDE variety of song. The breed was dreamed up in the 1930's by group of women who became known as...

"The Eight Boston Housewives"

These women began and organized the breeding program for the American Singer Canary.  Known as the "North American" canary, eventually a club formed and their creation became the most widely spread canaries in America...AND the only popular canary developed in America.

Most "common" or "kitchen" canaries in the USA are descendants of the American Singer and are often called "American Singer" by mistake. A true American Singer will have a leg band noting that it is a pure-bred American Singer.

The American Singer is hardy and strong making it a good choice for a beginner keeping canaries and he is easy to breed. This canary comes in a variety of...


  • green
  • buff
  • yellow
  • white
  • "blue" (slate grey)
  • orange
  • bronze
  • brown
  • fawn
  • or variegated.

But a true registered American Singer may not be color fed or crested if it is going to be entered in a show. However, you can certainly color feed your pet home canary bird.

The American Singer Canaries are of the few canary's that are judged BOTH for appearance and song. They are of average size...about 5 3/4 inches long.

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American Singer Canary

Blue Medium Variegated hen
Bred by Ginger Wolnik
Photo ©1998 by James Tirado

American Singer Canary<BR>Fawn Medium Variegated hen<BR> Bred by Tad Rykojc<BR>Photos ©2003 by Sarah Elhoffer

Fawn Medium Variegated hen
Bred by Tad Rykojc
Photos ©2003 by Sarah Elhoffer

For more info such as shows and judging information go to the American Singers Club.

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