Multiple Reasons for Keeping a
Pet Canary Bird
in Your Home.

The simple joys of keeping a pet canary bird are unknown by many but cherished by a multitude.


Quite simply...

Owning a pet canary can bring joy, companionship, and satisfaction.


The canary’s crisp clear singing can bring immeasurable joy to the canary owner’s life. Wake up each morning with the rolled warbling and long ever-changing songs of your entertaining pet bird.

The canary bird sings in a harmonious order of extended tours which include fluid like rolls, deep flutes, and soul stirring hollow bells.

Turn your noisy stereo and TV OFF and enjoy nature’s music in the form of your cheerful pet canary. Using recordings of singing canaries will energize your bird and teach him a few new tunes.

The pet canary's singing is a delicate symphony, a testament to its innate musicality. With vibrant notes that dance like sunbeams, it fills the room with a melody that uplifts the soul.

Each trill is a burst of joy, echoing the bird's contentment. Its song, a fusion of high-pitched chirps and melodious warbles, captivates hearts with its purity.

Like a miniature maestro, the canary weaves intricate tunes, effortlessly expressing its emotions.

Its singing transcends language, evoking a sense of tranquility and harmony. In the humble abode, the canary's song becomes an enchanting serenade, a source of comfort and delight.

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People have kept pets for eons. From the beginning of recorded history, animals have taken a special place in the lives of mankind. Even Adam was instructed to care for the animals around him.

The companionship that a singing canary provides is no exception. His pleasant company on a quiet day is all some people need to lift themselves out of the doldrums.

A lonely elderly person can benefit immensely from the friendship of a beautiful singing pet canary. My Grandmother had a canary when I was a child and that bird brought a smile to her face for many years.

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A pet canary bird makes a wonderful companion with its charming personality and melodious singing.

Despite its small size, it fills the home with joy and warmth through its cheerful presence. Their playful antics and curious nature provide endless entertainment, fostering a strong bond with their human caregivers.

Canaries are gentle creatures, often content to perch nearby or ride on shoulders, offering comfort and companionship.

Their soothing songs create a tranquil atmosphere, easing stress and promoting relaxation. With proper care and attention, a pet canary becomes not just a feathered friend, but a cherished member of the family.


A cheerful canary is a joyous and good friend to the whole family...and did you know that you can hand tame your canary?

Pet canaries are fun due to their vibrant personalities, charming antics, and melodious singing. They bring joy with their playful demeanor and easygoing nature, captivating their owners with their beauty and grace.

Their presence adds color and liveliness to any household, making them delightful companions.


It takes patience and plenty of his favorite treats but with a little time you can have your canary "eating out of your hand"...figuratively and literally.

Hand-training a pet canary requires patience, consistency, and gentle handling. Begin by spending time near the bird's cage, allowing it to acclimate to your presence.

Offer treats from your hand to build trust and associate your presence with positive experiences. Slowly introduce your hand into the cage, moving gradually closer to the bird without causing alarm.

Use a calm voice to speak to the canary, encouraging it to approach your hand voluntarily.

Once the bird is comfortable with your presence, gently offer your finger as a perch for it to step onto. Repeat this process daily, gradually increasing handling time to build a strong bond.Did I mention that it takes patience?



The satisfaction of caring for a pet canary brings a sense of purpose to the life of its owner and can be a great aid in teaching children to learn responsibility.

Pet canaries bring satisfaction to their owners in various ways. Their melodious singing creates a soothing ambiance, reducing stress and promoting relaxation.

Bonding with these birds through hand-taming fosters a sense of companionship and trust, enhancing the owner's emotional well-being.

Additionally, caring for them and witnessing their playful antics brings joy and fulfillment. Canaries' vibrant personalities and beautiful plumage provide aesthetic pleasure, while their curious nature encourages exploration and interaction.

Ultimately, the presence of a pet canary enriches the owner's life, offering moments of delight, comfort, and connection in the shared journey of companionship.


Having a bright yellow, orange, or red pet bird housed in an attractive designer cage brings beauty and intrigue to your home. As Mathew M. Vriends states in The Canary Handbook, you should have a pet canary bird

“because an attractive living bird can be regarded as a friend and companion or because an ornamental cage can be an artistic addition to our contemporary interior design!”

The beauty of a pet canary bird is a source of joy and appreciation for its owner. Their vibrant colors, intricate plumage patterns, and graceful movements captivate the eye, enhancing the aesthetic appeal of any space.

Their delicate features and charming demeanor evoke feelings of tenderness and admiration.

Beyond visual allure, their beauty reflects the marvel of nature and the wonders of creation, fostering a deeper connection to the natural world.

This aesthetic pleasure uplifts the spirit, bringing a sense of tranquility and contentment to the owner, and serving as a reminder of the simple joys found in the beauty of life.


Is there a down-side to owning a canary bird? Well, there are a couple of negatives...

The cage should be cleaned regularly...No big deal.

Canaries can be a bit messy. Seeds and seed hulls can sometimes fall out of the cage which will require a little cleanup on your part.

During the molt your canary will lose up to 2,000 feathers which need to be picked up. It sounds like a lot but the molt only lasts a month or two then he's back to normal.

Canaries occasionally get sick and die for apparently no reason. Almost all this can be prevented though by having a few supplements and treatments on hand in case of an emergency. And by making sure you know how to care for a canary and providing excellent canary care. It's really easy. Just a few tips will get you started.

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