Imagine A Bright, Cheerful Singing Companion Free From Canary Disease.

Introduction to common canary disease...
plus treatment information.


As always...prevention of a disease is the best way to keep your pet canary singing.

*Good Diet
*Clean Living Conditions
*Plenty of Exercise
*Low Stress
*Good Company...That's you!

Of course, prevention is never 100% effective. Once in a while you may end up with a sick canary on your hands...regardless of the quality of canary care given.

When that happens you'll need to know what to do...

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About Canary Disease

Canary Disease

Fortunately for the canary owner there are not a lot of canary illnesses that we have to worry about. 

One or two birds kept in your home will not be subjected to the plethora of canary illness that might be found in a large aviary or in the wild.

None the less...

Pet canaries do get sick.  Bacterial infections, viral infections, and general ill health can certainly become a problem in the "caged" environment so you want to take every precaution possible to make sure your canary stays healthy.

Most of the time, though, it can be very difficult to know what, specifically, is ailing your little friend.

Disease Symptoms

Typical symptoms of a sick canary are...

  • listlessness
  • sitting at the bottom of the cage
  • fluffed up feathers
  • partially closed eyes
  • loss of appetite--or sometimes a healthy appetite accompanied with weight loss.
  • Diarrhea
  • Constipation
  • Watery Eyes
  • Excessive Sleeping
  • Open Mouth Breathing

And many more.

This is where your knowledge can drastically increase your bird's life span.

When your canary gets sick, he'll use every bit of energy he has to hide that illness. Knowing how to spot the subtle symptoms of a sick canary is one of the most important things you can do...CLICK HERE FOR MORE.

And it's very simple to do once you discover the easy-to-learn signs.  

Treating Pet Canary Illness


Treatments for canary disease can vary, of course, depending on which disease your canary has. You'll find info on the most used treatments below with each of the diseases listed but...

You won't always know what disease your canary has contracted.  It's always best to see a veterinarian...more on that in a minute. 

If you can't figure out exactly what canary disease you're up against you may still get good results by treating for a GENERAL ILLNESS.

General Illness

Without knowing specifically what canary disease your bird has, you'll have to treat for general ill health.  However...

This is risky.  Canaries can get sick and die within a few hours.  The poor things are highly susceptible to infections.

=====SIDE NOTE=====
Visiting an avian vet is ALWAYS the best option...if you can afford it.

Relying on self diagnosis may result in unnecessary suffering or unfortunate death for your canary.  On the other hand...

Canary breeders diagnose and treat canary disease themselves all the time.  Do they ever have a canary die because they made the wrong diagnosis?  Yes. I'm sure of it.  Is it worth the risk?

So you need to decide for yourself the value of home-treating your canary.
=====END SIDE NOTE=====

Preventing disease in your canary and keeping him healthy is your most important task as a bird owner. It's not difficult though. A little knowledge goes a long way.

The most common canary disease problem is...


It is estimated that over 90% of pet canaries have the canary disease known as mites.

Mites are tiny creatures no larger than the smallest pin head. Yet when they number in the thousands they can wreak havoc on your canary's physical health...and emotional attitude. Plus...

They carry other diseases that may make matters worse AND that can be spread through out your aviary--if you have more than one bird.

There are basically four kinds of mites, and therefore, four symptoms to look for...

              Click here for more on how to recognize and handle these troublesome pests.

  • Feather Mites...
    Feather mites feed on, not only decaying feather residue, but some will actually burrow into your canary's healthy feathers to find food....they may be munching away at your bird right now!
    Click here for more info on saving your birds feathers.
  • Red Mites...
    ...are the most common mites and the best known. They are the vampires of the mite kingdom-->Sucking your canary's blood at night then going into hiding at daylight...
    Click here for more info on red mites.


Similar to mites, lice can multiply until your canary suffers and dies from anemia.  Although not as much a problem as mites, be aware of how lice can make your bird sick...and ugly.
Click here to learn how to keep your pet bird free of lice.

SCATT drops work great for mites and lice. I've been using it since 2010.


...or Enteritis is a common canary disease problem. The sure signs of stomach problems are...Click here for more on stomach problems.


Tape worms are nasty creatures that settle in your bird's gut and...
Click here for more on tapeworms in your canary.

Speaking of canary disease...

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canary disease


CANKER... a terribly consuming canary disease caused by the Trichomonad Protozoa. Don't let this terrible disease get your canary down.  Look for...
Click here for more on Canker.


...Just like you and I, your canary can catch a cold. Respiratory Infections--or Respiratory Disease--can be caused by...
Click here for more on respiratory infections.

CANARY POX... a canary disease that can be very lethal. It is estimated that over 80% of canaries that get the virus will die.
Click here for more on canary pox.

MOLTING... Canary molting is not really a disease or illness but it can wreak havoc on your canary's system if he doesn't have a good diet and home-life...for more info on the annual molt CLICK HERE

It's also possible for your canary to go into a molt when he's NOT supposed to. Off-season molting lowers your birds immunity to dangerous levels.

Smart ways to fight the off-season molt.


"A healthy canary is a nimble, cheerful bird with tight plumage, bright eyes, a hearty voice, and a healthy hunger! There are no mites on it; it sings with the joy of life; it stands high and proudly on its feet and is a picture of activity".

 Mathew M. Vriends

If your canary does not fit the above description you should start looking for symptoms of disease and illness.

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