Your Sick Canary Has An Enemy.
Look The Enemy in the Eye...

Do you have a sick canary?
Would you know an ill canary if you saw it?

Before you can wage war on the enemy--canary sickness--you have to know what the enemy looks like.

What Does A Sick Canary Look Like?

What does the enemy look like?

Understanding symptoms of a sick canary may be the most important thing you can do for your pet bird.

sick canarysick canary

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The symptoms listed below are the traits and mannerisms of an ill canary.  It's difficult to get specific about what sickness your canary might have though.

It's like when YOU have a fever, headache, and chills, you don't really know whether you have a virus or bacterial infection or if the chili dog you had for lunch was a under the convenience store's heat lamp to long (I speak from experience on that one).


Once you discover that your canary is feeling under-the-weather there are things you can do to make him feel better and help him fight off the illness...regardless of whether or not you know the cause.

Your canary can contract an illness, show symptoms, and die...

--all within 24 hours--

So it’s important to keep an eye out for the warning signs

BUT FIRST, to make it easier to recognize the symptoms of a SICK canary, it's important to know the appearance of a healthy canary then compare the two.

Healthy Canary vs. Sick Canary

As Mathew M. Vriends puts it...

"A healthy canary is a nimble, cheerful bird with tight plumage, bright eyes, a hearty voice, and a healthy hunger!"  

Let's take a moment to dissect this descriptive comment...

"A healthy canary is a nimble...".  The keyword here is "nimble".  If your canary is NOT nimble he may be

  • listless
  • off-balance
  • sluggish
  • slow

If you see these traits there may be an illness waiting to consume your canary.

Next, he should be a...

"...cheerful bird with tight plumage...". "Nimble" and "cheerful" kind of go together so let's move on to "tight plumage". If tight plumage indicates a healthy bird then...

Watch for your pet bird to be huddled on the floor of his cage, feathers all puffy--he's chilled and trying to stay warm. 

A healthy canary will have...

"...bright eyes...". An ill canary may have...

  • dull eyes
  • partially closed eyes and maybe
  • watery eyes.        

"...a hearty voice..."   A healthy male canary will sing a lot with a loud clear voice so listen for a...

  • hoarse or raspy singing voice or
  • NOT singing at all.

"...a healthy hunger..."  Healthy canaries snack all day so if your canary has a...

  • loss of appetite you'll know something is wrong.

Hopefully, you’ll have time to treat your sick canary after the symptoms show up-->you must have AT LEAST three things on hand at all times...

...Anti-bacterial support, probiotic, and vitamins.

This ensures that when your canary acts sick you'll have some important medicines on hand--this is not the time to make a run to the pet store or place an order on Amazon--every minute counts.  See below for more detailed treatment information.

Do you have a sick canary?

Here are some more symptoms you should watch for...

  • excessive sleeping
  • sneezing
  • nasal discharge
  • heavy or rapid breathing
  • making a clicking sound
  • sitting on bottom of cage
  • tail bobbing
  • weight loss
  • diarrhea
  • pustules or sores
  • excessive scratching

You might see your normally energetic pet bird sitting in his food dish or at the bottom of the cage.

If you notice any of these symptoms all you really know is that.."You have a sick canary." He could have a...Respiratory infection, intestinal distress, a bad diet, or even a fatal disease.

Many times it's impossible to tell which form of sickness he has. For example...

Common sense will tell you he may have a respiratory infection if he is breathing heavily and quickly.  Or if he has diarrhea it is obviously a digestion problem. But...

Sick Canary from The Canary HandbookSick Canary

If he is sitting on the bottom of his cage with puffed up feathers and his eyes are closed he could have a respiratory infection OR a digestion problem OR virtually anything else. Read on...

The HAPPY HEALTHY CANARY ebook...a must have!

Something else to watch for is abnormality in his droppings...


Canary Poop


Your canary's droppings are talking to YOU too.  Do you know what they're saying?  Are you listening?

Click here to learn about what to look for regarding your canaries droppings...  

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Treating A Sick Canary

Now, back to what I was saying about your sick canary...

Right now you're probably thinking...

"OK...So what do I do if I see some of these symptoms?"

Good question...I'm glad you asked.

The first thing you should do with a sick canary is make him comfortable.  I'll show you how.  Remember...he feels terrible!

Once you have your canary comfortable you can start giving him some medicines that will make him feel better and hopefully CURE him. 

On this next page you'll discover how to make your sick canary comfortable and then we'll talk about the three medicines you should have on hand AT ALL TIMES....Click here to go there now. 


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