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Make Your Canary S-I-N-G!

Canary Songs

Use this CD of recorded canary singing to teach and encourage your bird to sing.


Get Answers

Canary Care Gold advisory service.  Ask Darren your tough questions.


Canary Foods

How to use seed, veggies, fruit, and various treats in your bird care.

Canary Seed

Your pet's #1 food.


The Controversy: Boiled Seed vs. Soaked Seed

Soft seed--whether boiled or soaked--is one of the great canary treats.


Stop Feeding Your Canary...

Well...Don't stop feeding your canary entirely, but stop feeding your canary poisons...


Special Treats...

...for your special bird.


Feeding Grit

Does your canary need it?


Canary Vitamins

Make sure your canary has everything he needs to sing LOUD and s t r o n g and l-o-n-g.

Recommended Pet Canary Supplies...

Canary Care and Housing

Your canary spends most--if not all--his time here.  Make sure it's safe and comfortable.

Size and Shape

An important subject of canary care.


Cage Inspection

Avoid repeating what happens in this canary horror story by keeping your canary's cage safe.



Cage location can be just as important as the food your bird eats and the water he drinks.


Furnishings and Accessories

Canary cages need certain furnishings to be operable as your canary's home.

Canary Health Care

Keep your canary's spirits up by preventing sickness and injury.  Tips on cleaning, avoiding toxins, nail clipping, and more...

Canary Cleanliness

Keep your pet canary clean with these bathing tips.


Canary Summer Care

Special tips for keeping your canary cool and comfortable in hot weather.


Healthy Diet

Feed your canary a healthy diet for years of beautiful singing.


My Big Fat Canary

Your canary will stay lean and healthy with these fit tips.


Canary Exercise

Let your canary F-L-Y!

Canary Diseases

Prevention and treatment tips for common canary diseases and other health issues

Air Sac Mites

They could be living inside your canary's nostrils right now!


"Why Does My Canary Have Scaly Feet and Legs?"

There are two major reasons for this problem.


Scaly Leg and Feet Mites

Find out if your canary has'em and what you can do about'em.


Feather Mites

Creating bald canaries daily.


Red Mites

Vampires that suck your canary's blood.



Irritating, tormenting, and MULTIPLYING...


Stomach and Digestive Problems

Pepto isn't the only answer...



Sticking to your canary's insides and sucking the life out of him...



Attacking the mouth and throat.


Breathing Problems

Clicking, wheezing, panting...


Canary Pox

A deadly disease spread by mosquitoes and wild birds.



Not a disease but a canary care health issue you should pay close attention to.


The Off-Season or Soft Molt

Worse than the ON-season molt...

Symptoms of a Sick Canary

Keep your eyes peeled for these signs that your canary is ill.

Canary Poop Speaks To Me

What is your canary's poop saying to you?

First Actions

The first things you should do if your canary is sick.



Using good medicines...and using them correctly.


They can be careful.



The healthy alternative it antibiotics.


Natural Healing

Using herbal supplements for good canary bird care.


Canary Vitamins

Even with the perfect diet, your canary may still need vitamins.

Why Keep a Canary?

The joys and rewards of owning a canary.

Canary Pictures


MORE Canary Pictures


Pictures of OTHER pet birds

Canary For Sale

Introduction to finding a canary for sale.

Finding a Canary For Sale

Quick tips for finding a healthy canary.


Finding a Breeder

Start in your own backyard or have a canary shipped from Italy.


Search These Classified Ads


Canary Names

Search thru hundreds of names for your new canary.

Types of Canaries

Discover secrets about the most common types of canaries.


Type Canaries

Bred for shape and size.

Lizard Canary


Border Canary


Gloster Canary


Crested Canary


Fife Canary






Color Canaries

Bred for color.  Includes the red factor canary.



Song Canaries

Bred for singing ability.

American Singer


German Roller


Russian Singer


Spanish Timbrado




Breeding Canaries

An introduction to all about canary care while breeding.

Why Breed Canaries?

Some good reasons...including for CASH.


Some Details On Canary Breeding

Light. Temperature. Food. Nest. Cage.


The Canary Breeding Cage.


The Canary Nest



Using artificial light to breed canaries.


The Breeding Diet


Baby Canaries

Care For Your Baby Canaries

Canary Tips Ezine

Make your canary S-I-N-G! with these tips on canary bird care.


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