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How To Tell Gender Of Canary

Young Canaries

Tap nest box with finger, if you see some chicks with their head down and tail up that means they are a male (the females will just stare at you). I got

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Smart Canary Care Will Make Your Canary Bird Sing

darren draw with canary

Make your canary bird S-I-N-G with smart canary care. Canary health care, canary disease, canary foods, training tips, increase singing, and bonding.

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Where's the site for breeders?

Dear Darren, I'm so glad but I couldn't find the page of your information on breeders. As I have learned so much from your site. Yep, I'll get the

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Ceremic Lamp Wattage for Canaries

Yellow Canary Under Ceramic Lamp

What watt lamp do I get for my canary? I don't want him to roast! I have lamps for reptiles but I'm afraid they get too hot.

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Hello, I am Randall. I breed red and yellow canaries for 5 years now. It's been a wonder hobby for me. I have learned a lot, but certainly not everything..I

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Babies falling from the nest

Baby Canaries

This is my females second clutch. We have had three babies this time round but one of them is much bigger then the other two. Last night and today we have

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Breeding: I can't get it right


Sorry, my english is not good... when i started it was easy 4 canarys one cage and biing it is hell for me spanish say pluck the down and swollen long

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I played this CD for my new American Singer today; he is just a year old. I have only had him for a week & he has been singing a nice song every day but

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Why Is My Male Canary Sitting in His Food Dish?

Answer to the question, "Why Is My Male Canary Sitting in His Food Dish"...the molt...sickness...old age...

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Sick Canary Symptoms and Behavior Guide

darren draw with canary

Sick Canary Symptoms and Behavior plus a foolproof 3 step health exam for your canary bird and 27 common symptoms...

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Canary Illnesses and Effective Medicinal Treatment for Your Pet Canary


Wage war on canary illnesses. Powerful tips for treating your sick canary bird with medicines...Which medicines to use and when...

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Young American Singer Canaries for sale in Wisconsin

#1 Male

I have 4 young canaries to sell to a Responsible bird lover. Currently 1 confirmed male, the other 3 are unknown gender. Asking 175$ for the males and

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I have canaries for sale

My pet canaries had babies. I have some for sale. Please, only apply if your a responsible individual, who takes special care of their pets..

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Wanted: Red/Orange Agate Canary

Hello all, I am preparing for my first canary and want a red agate canary. If anyone is selling one (preferably male) or knows of a breeder, please let

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Russian canaries for sale

I am wrapping up my breeding season so around August/September I will have 2018 male canaries for sale. Prices are based on quality of their song

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Beautiful canaries looking for good homes, I'm a exhibitor hobbyist, if interested, please feel free to contact me.

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Singing Canary

My mom is 88 yaers old. Had a canary when she was first married. Has had several medical issues over the past few years. Looking to find a good singing

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SE Arizona Canaries

I have bred a pair of canaries last year and now need to divest myself from the hobby. I have 4 males (1 green and his 3 son's green/yellow variegated)

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Friendly Fifes …

2 2 yr old males

2022 young Fife Canaries available …. Males snd females also a couple of 2 yr old males available as well

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Looking to purchase canaries in Hawaii.

Aloha, just built a large 8 x 10 feet walk in canary bird aviary for my80 year old father to keep him busy. Does anyone know how we can buy canaries for

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My Canaries charmed life.

My Canaries are fed a mixed Canary seed and every other day they get a grated carrot or a small piece of apple added to their diet. They also like Kale

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#1 Most Important Problem You Will Face as a Canary Owner-Free Ecourse

Get your free canary course about the #1 most important problem you will face as a canary bird owner

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Canaries in the Pacific Northwest - USA

Red CB Male Canary

We have stepped back into the arena of having, enjoying and now breeding Canaries. Right now I have colorbred red canary babies that are now fledged and

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Mr Salah

I am breeder of ASC, if your are interesting in buying one contact me at the flowing: 781 267 1271 sichcho@hotmail.com

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Canary Lost Singing

My canary got sick and is making some noise when breathing. And after that he lost his voice is no singing any more he try but nothing is coming out,

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My canary already sings in American and Russian!

I read that the time to teach them a new song is while they're molting so I waited and in the mean time,listened to canaries from around the world. The

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Encourage Canary To Sing....Help!

Seperate cages for two male canaries for several months but not singing and need suggestion to 'turn them on to being song birds'

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Picky Canary Eater--Won't Eat Seeds

My canary refuses to eat canary seeds. He will only eat green lettuce and cheese crackers. I know crackers are not good but be cannot just live on lettuce.

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Outdoor Aviary

Hi all, MY First post here. I've been keeping birds for over 35 years and I'd like to share some pics of my outdoor set up with you. I'm always looking

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My Mistake, YES, I Want The Canary CD

YES. I do want the canary CD that I have already paid for.

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