Have an Ugly Canary?
Bird Lice May Be the Problem.

Although not as much a problem as mites, bird lice can multiply to the point of being a torment to your canary.

Similar to feather mites, lice live and feed on your canary's feathers and skin.  They will actually bore into the shaft of the feather and make it their home. 

Lice are almost always species specific meaning...

Lice on your canary probably won't care for your parakeet or other bird.


With an infestation of lice your canary may appear...

--lethargic and become anemic

Also look for...

--excessive preening of feathers

And poor feather quality such as...

--damaged feathers

--missing feathers

In very bad cases your pet bird may start...

--plucking his feathers out. 

Feather plucking is a very bad habit that may be hard to break...even after the lice have been killed.  So, don't wait until you see a lice problem...

Be proactive and treat for bird lice on a regular basis.

Finding Bird Lice

Bird lice don't move around much once they find a comfortable place on your pet bird.  They'll find a place they like and..."homestead".

They have a more elongated body--compare to mites--and may be seen on the underside of your canary's wings and tail feathers.

You'll probably need a magnifying glass.

Look for the bird lice and their eggs attached to feather veins. Found lice? For good canary care...

Here's what you do...

If you find bird lice--or even if you suspect them--treat with a lice spray such as Mite and Lice Spray for birds.

I use a spray every 3 months even if I don't see any symptoms...Ya' gotta stay ahead of the critters. Use the spray BEFORE they become a problem and make your pet bird sick...or ugly.

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Mite and Lice Spray AND Skin and Feather Spray

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Mites can also be a major problem for canaries and other pet birds.

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