Breed Canaries for Fun and Profit.

Think it would be fun to breed canaries?

Breeding canaries is not only fun and emotionally rewarding but

it can be profitable as well. Those who breed the canary do so for one of three reasons:

1. To have their canaries judged in bird shows and thereby improve the species.

2. To make a profit by selling to pet stores and the general public

3. For fun!


Breed Canaries for Judged Shows

Most breeders breed canaries for improvement of the species. The birds are taken to shows and judged based on their song, appearance, and/or color.

These professional breeders love the canary. They do not breed canaries for the money. As a matter of fact many of these breeding specialists frown on the exercise of canary breeding strictly for profit.

The problem is that many "money breeders"--not all...a minority in fact--don't take great care of their birds. They have a reputation among canary show breeders of only caring about getting their canaries to the pet shop alive. This, of course, is an unfortunate stereotype.

Many "Money Breeders" take very good care of their canary flock. They want their canaries to be in the best of health and are proud of their canary breeding facilities.

Of course, even those who breed the canary bird for show are willing to sell their excess birds. They probably will just make enough to pay their expenses... if they're lucky.

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Retail Your Birds

To breed canaries for income can be very rewarding...and profitable.

  • Open a backyard aviary
  • Take your birds to street festivals
  • Take your birds to county and city fairs
  • Take your birds to bird markets
  • Take your birds to flea markets

Although prices around the US and the world will vary you can generally expect a healthy canary to sell for around $60 for the male and $50 for the female. (The female canary does not sing and so brings a lower price.)

If you can sell the canary buyer...

  • a cage
  • a vitamin supplement
  • a waterer
  • a feeder
  • some seed can make a good profit with your canaries.

If you're not interested in opening an aviary at your home or dealing with the general public you can always...


Pet stores in my area will pay $20-$25 for a female and $25-$30 for a male.

Wholesaling cuts down on the amount of work of selling retail. If you wholesale you won't have to deal with many individual customers...just with your wholesale buyers. Once you find a few wholesale buyers who are interested in your canaries all it takes from that point on is a phone call and delivery of the canaries you breed.

My Uncle and I actually have a buyer who drives over 3 hours once a month to get canaries from us. He knows we breed canaries that are strong and healthy and we sell at a fair price.

Breed Canaries Just For Fun

No matter the reason you breed canaries, have fun. It is a true delight to see that first batch of babies stick their little heads up out of the nest.

You can give your extra birds away to friends and family or build a large attractive aviary for the backyard.

Details think to breed canaries might just be something you’d enjoy!

Wait a minute though...
...first you need to know a little about what goes into breeding canaries.

How are they fed?...What about housing?...How do you take care of the baby canaries?

Glad you asked...
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learn more about providing
care for your mating birds and
their babies when you breed canaries.