A Rich and Nutritious Diet
for Your Breeding Canaries.

Once daylight hours have increased to about 13 hours per day, your breeding canaries are primed and ready to mate. That means they need a rich diet to prepare them for the extra physical activity and egg production.

Use CanaryAdvisor.com’s “Three Day Breeding Feeding Cycle” for breeding canaries...

On Day one feed ½ boiled egg, on Day 2 feed a piece of apple, and on Day 3 feed greens. Then on Day 4 start over again.

Once the eggs begin to show up, I cut egg feeding down to once per week until the babies hatch out---a diet high in protein during incubation has been known to cause dead-in-shell birds.

When the eggs begin to hatch, feed...

  • Egg and soft seed twice per day.
  • Greens and fruit 3 times per week.

Remember to remove the uneaten soft moist foods within about 4 hours to avoid bacterial problems.

Don’t forget the fresh water.

When I first began I would change the drinking water every two days. I never had any problems but I realize now that it’s best to change the water daily...especially during breeding and rearing of young. Water gets dirty quickly and you don’t want to risk any illnesses.

Now you have baby canaries to feed and care for...See this page.

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