Canary Bird Care
For The Hot Summer Months!

Good canary bird care is important year-round...but here are some special tips for keeping canaries healthy, happy, cool, and comfortable during the warm season...

canary bird care. Canary by Orellano

Are You Providing Good “Summer Canary Care”?

There is a real need to monitor CLOSELY your feeding, watering, and cleaning habits during the warm summer months...

Especially if the place where you keep the cage gets warm or you routinely take your canary bird and cage outside to enjoy some fresh air.

Warmer conditions during this time of year create a breeding ground for parasites and bacteria.

Good Canary Bird Care includes...

Cleaning and Disinfecting the Cage Regularly.

Parasites breed RAPIDLY on your birds droppings in warmer weather.  An increase in parasites in your birds cage could lead to worm infestations and other unwanted diseases.


Bacteria also grow more rapidly during the warm summer months.  Fruit, greens, egg food, and other snacks should be removed within 4 or 5 hours in a warm climate to keep your canary singing and healthy.

Water should be changed daily...Algae and bacteria love warm moist conditions.

Be wary of heat stroke whenever the temperature around the cage rises above 85 or 90 degrees F.

Once the temperature rises above 90 degrees your pet will begin to get very UNCOMFORTABLE. 

At the bare minimum provide a fan in the room for good canary bird care and if possible, an air conditioner or cooler of some kind.

You don't want these things blowing directly on your canary but use them to keep the room from getting to hot.

Keep an eye out for panting and holding his wings out from his body...he's trying to cool off.  Good canary bird care includes helping to keep him cool on a warm day so...

Give Him a Spritzer.

Just use a regular plastic spray bottle--make sure there hasn't been anything harsh inside like a cleanser--and spray him with a fine mist of cool water...Aahhh, refreshing

Mite and Lice Spray AND Skin and Feather Spray

He'll also enjoy...

A Cool Bath...

Simply a shallow dish with an inch or so of water or an enclosed bird bath as an attachment to the cage will keep your canary splashing around for hours-->these baths help keep his feathers clean, shiny, and healthy too!

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And now back to Canary Summer Care-->This is a good time of year to expose your flying friend to some...

Outside Air...

Something he will enjoy immensely is to be placed in the SHADE on the lawn with the bottom of the cage removed...

Now that's GOOD canary bird care...

He'll love it! 

Only do this though if you have NOT been using any pesticides, herbicides, or fertilizers on your lawn recently...for obvious reasons.

If you have to place the canary bird cage in the DIRECT SUN...

Make sure the sun is not to hot for your bird and put a cloth or something on part of the cage so he can get in the shade if he wants.

Good canary bird care, though, includes

Baby-sitting your pet bird closely...

Be aware of canary enemies like dogs, cats, mosquitoes, and predatory birds.  Canaries make a nice little snack to a stray cat or hawk...

You should supervise constantly if you set the cage on the grass.

 Just remember-->

For the best canary bird care...

...“clean and cool” is the order of the season to keep your feathered friend happy and SINGING!

As mentioned above...baths and spritzers are very good for your canary...and that's true whether it's hot or not.

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