Canary Bonding

by John

I had a canary for 8 years while growing up. "Lady" was an aggressive hen who sang.

I would take her out to the backyard (holding her securely so she could not be hurt) and have her nibble on aphids that were found on rosebushes.

She loved dandelion buds, flowers and leaves and would beg for them. Lady had to be watched as sometimes she would become constipated and would need to have the blockage cleared.

Over time she would beg for affection by balancing on one claw and making "pawing" motions with the other.

Sometimes she would cling to the wires of the cage. I'd pick her up, cradle her in my hand and stroke her back. If she did not get cuddled,she would sulk.

Anyone who thinks that the "little ones" do not bond is mistaken. It takes time but it is worth the effort.

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