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Finding canary breeders should not be that difficult in the U.S. I’m not familiar with other countries but regardless of where you live there are a few tips that will help you find the perfect canary.

Let’s start with the obvious…

Canary Breeders In The Yellow Pages

canary breeder cagescanary breeder cages

Yes, I know this is the 21st century. 

Yes, I know virtually no one uses the hard copy of the Yellow Pages book any more. 

But, some do.

Look under aviaries, birds, pets, etc. If your book provides an index go there first. In my Yellow Pages book bird shops and canary breeders are located under Birds and Bird Supplies.

Don't forget

Canary BreedersCanary Breeders

Interestingly the 2 biggest breeders of canaries in my area are not in the Yellow Pages so…don’t stop your search for a breeder there....


Not many of those left either.

Look in the classifieds under Pets or Pet Supplies. Also, check out the local free papers like the Penny Pincher or Thrifty Nickel. They offer very inexpensive advertising and you might find a breeder there.

There is always the pet store…
You may have to pay more at a pet store but it might save you the time of looking for breeders.

A pet store canary will most likely be what we call a “Kitchen Canary” . Kitchen Canaries have not been registered with any organizations or bird other words they’re not considered a “pure bred” .

Kitchen Canaries are the mutts of the canary world. They may not even have a leg band for identification as a registered bird would.

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A Kitchen Canary is still a canary and if your looking for a simple pet that will have a beautiful song you will be very happy with a kitchen canary. Most kitchen canaries in the U.S.A. are bred along the American Singer line and will have a good song. These mixed breeds also tend to be a little healthier than "pure breds" which are sometimes"inbred".

Of course, if you want an exotic canary like a Red Factor, Spanish Timbrado, or a Gloster you’ll almost definitely have to look to a breeder. Call your local pet store or feed store and ask where you can buy a specific variety. They may be able to point you to a canary breeder.

Keep in mind…buying an uncommon variety from a “specialist” breeder may cost you substantially more than the standard Kitchen Canary…as much as several hundred dollars.


Some breeders of canaries advertise on-line and there are several lists of breeders and canary clubs available on the Internet…

Start off right here at

Also try... canary breeder

Bird Clubs

Check your Yellow Pages and Newspapers for local bird clubs.

Bird clubs are made up of bird breeders. There may not be a canary bird club in your area put perhaps another bird club within your state can point you in the right direction.

Canary and Finch Society

Columbia Canary Club

American Singer Club

American Canary Fanciers Association

While we're on the subject of bird might consider joining one...

There are many benefits to joining your local bird club...not the least of which is having other bird lovers give you good information on caring for your pet bird.

Lists and Forums

Classified Ads Online

Check out this list of classified ads sites featuring many different kinds of birds for sale.

Lists and Forums

Ask for a breeder on one of these forums...

Beauty of Birds

Avian Avenue

Shipping Birds

If you find a breeder that has the bird you want but is not within driving distance ask if he will ship the canary to you.

Some won’t do this because of the stress it puts on the bird. Others say the stress is minimal and will even insure the shipment in case the canary is hurt during shipment.

Shipping is not cheap. If you want a simple $60 canary, shipping will be out of the question. Ask the canary breeder for details.

Google It

Finally, do an...

Internet Search.

Because of my great relationship with Google, I was able get visitors a lifetime supply of free searches.

Type in your “city or state” and then “canary” or “canary breeder”.

For instance..."Denver canary breeder"...without the quotes. You just might find canary breeders in your neighborhood.

Good luck from

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