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With A Canary Cages Furnishings...

Canary cages need certain furnishings to be operable as your canary's home. Among the most important are perches, dishes, and toys.

 Your canary bird does not need a Lazy Boy recliner but he will appreciate a couple of...


Perches should be widely opposite ends of the cage. The standard cage for canaries only needs two perches but if you sprang for a large canary cage, add a couple fun and challenging perches. Place the perches at different levels if room permits.

The correct size perch for canaries is .25 to .5 (that's 1/4 to 1/2 ) inches diameter. ...and try to get two or more different diameters to give his feet a variety for grasping.

If only one size perch is provided your canary could develop painful arthritis or other foot problems and health issues. The best canary care strategy is for you to have 3 or 4 different sizes available and rotate through the canary cage regularly.

I don't recommend sand perches. They are made to keep nails and beaks short but these are awfully rough on your canary's feet.

If you like, you can put in a branch from an apple or plum fruit tree as a perch but make sure you wash it with a 10% bleach and water solution to kill any critters. Let dry thoroughly before putting it in the cage. Other non-toxic branches include ash, maple, and birch.

Canaries will also appreciate...


Toys are great ways for canaries to entertain themselves. Birds get bored too you know! They like to pull and tug on strings and sticks. Plus it will give birds an opportunity to get a little exercise while still inside their cages and that will help to KEEP HIM SINGING! :-)

He might like a mirror too but be aware that a mirror may stop your canary bird from singing. Plus he may think that other bird is invading his territory and really stress him out! I wouldn't worry too much about this though. It's common for people to put a mirror in cages without any problems.

Some canaries also like swings, some don't. If your cage is big enough you can hang one from the top center. Otherwise you may have to move it off to the side so your pet canary has room to fly between perches.

Also, very important for cages are...


To keep bacteria growth down use plastic or stainless steel feeders and waterers.  These materials that absorb moisture well and are easily cleaned.

Waterers usually are made of glass but there is plastic too.

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