Canary Diet

I know you've heard the phrase..."You are what you eat"-->Same goes for your canary.

If you eat Twinkies all day you'll turn into one--Soft and mushy body with heavy and fatty insides--But at least you'll be sweet.

Feed your canary healthy, strong, clean foods and he'll be...

  • Healthy
  • Strong and
  • Clean Inside

All GOOD things. 

It's up to you to become your canaries best friend.  His choices are limited...severely limited.  He depends on you for everything...

  • Cleanliness
  • Low Stress Environment
  • Exercise
  • Fresh Air
  • Warm Comfortable Home


  • A healthy diet

Your decisions make his life what it is...Don't blow it!  Plus...

You DON'T want a sick canary on your hands.  Do you know what vets cost now days?  You could easily spend hundreds of dollars on a sick canary.  Let's not do that...instead let's make sure that your canary has a happy and clean environment so he can build a strong immune system.  A good place to start is with his...

GREAT Canary Diet.

At a bare minimum he should have the following three items 24 hours a day...

  • A good mixture of canary seed
  • Cuttlebone or grit
  • Fresh water

These will keep him alive and healthy for a long time.  Over the
long-haul though, he'll need a few OTHER things that will help his physical--as well as emotional---health...

  • Boiled Egg (or Eggfood)--for protein
  • Fruit--for vitamins and minerals
  • Greens--for vitamins and minerals

Give him each item a couple of times per week or so. Plus...

A tasty treat like honey stick or millet spray now and then rounds out a good canary diet.  And don't forget...

  • Fresh Water at all times.

Help keep viruses and bacterial infections at bay by giving your pet bird a strong canary diet.  In return he'll...


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