Canary Disease? My Canary Has Inflated Legs, Swollen Foot.

by Anonomous

Canary With Swollen Foot, Legs.

Canary With Swollen Foot, Legs.

"What should I do to heal my canary disease from inflated legs?"

This looks like a canary disease called bumble foot.

There are 2 suspected causes of bumble foot. Primarily it is suspected to be caused by the same thing as gout and that's a build up of uric acid in the blood stream.

This uric acid is caused by a diet which is too high in protein and fat. A diet rich in protein or fat will cause a canary to favor one foot. The foot may appear red, warm, or swollen (gout) OR have large pustules on the toes and feet (bumble foot).

Cut out all high protein (eggs, egg food, fish meal) and high fat foods (flax or millet seed) for a week or two and see if the condition improves.

Feed plenty of greens and high carbohydrate foods like dry oatmeal, and cooked brown rice.

The 2nd possible cause is a bacterial infection caused by the bacteria entering through the skin on the bottom the bird's foot from a dirty perch.

If this is the case, a broad spectrum antibiotic may help.

I would love to hear what others may know about this canary disease and symptoms.

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Oct 01, 2015
Remove the Leg or the Bumblefoot?
by: Darren

Thank you Sneider,

I assume that by "remove that from your bird" you mean "cure the bumble foot".

Just wanted to clarify. It's rare that a leg must be removed.

Darren :-)

Jun 24, 2015
Visit A Vet
by: Sneider

Bumble foot can be from different types of pathogens.

Some are so dangerous, although rare, that it can cause the whole foot to be permanently damaged.

Most bumble foot can be treated and can be cured. I think this is a normal case; you can see a vet and remove that from your bird.

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