Canary Disease
What YOU MUST Do!!

by L.M.

When you realize any of the symptoms act fast and exactly when you notice it because that means your canary is getting weak and can't handle trying to hide its disease. In other words, your bird is near its death point so you MUST, I repeat, MUST help it before it's too late.

YOU MUST TAKE IT TO A BIRD CLINIC! Save your canary's life because its heart breaking (trust me) when they die :(

Darren's Note: Absolutely right L.M. A sick canary will hide it's illness as long as possible. So, when you actually see the symptoms your bird is VERY sick and getting worse all the time. Thanks L.M.

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What YOU MUST Do!!

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Jun 09, 2015
Good NEW
by: anderson

looks very useful information, i don,t know about this question but i will come again and write answer of this question .

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