Canary Vitamins.

Canary vitamins are an essential part of your canary's diet.

If you are feeding a well balanced diet, with a healthy treat everyday, your canary's need for a vitamin supplement decreases dramatically.

I still recommend giving a multi-vitamin supplement daily to keep your bird's singing LOUD and STRONG and LONG.

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Canary Vitamins

The most important canary vitamins are...

Vitamin A-->Good for Eye sight.  Found naturally in greens, root vegetables, and cod liver oil.

Vitamin B-complex-->Helps with digestion of carbohydrates and helps keep the blood healthy.  Found in eggs, vegetables, beans, corn, bananas and cod liver oil.

Vitamin C-->Helps promote a strong immune system and contributes to wound healing.  Found in citrus fruits and green leafy vegatables.

Vitamin D-->Processes calcium for healthy bones.  Gained through exposure to sunlight.

Vitamin E-->Valuable for canary breeding as it helps with reproduction.  Found in wheat germ.

I prefer to use a water soluble vitamin like VHD Nova.

It has 13 essential canary vitamins in fruit flavored powder. Just add to drinking water once or twice a week to help insure optimal canary health.

Vitamin enriched water is more susceptible to bacteria growth so make sure to give fresh water within 24 hours.

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