Shift the Immune System of Your Canary into Overdrive.

A good immunity building supplement will help insure a happy healthy canary AND a quick recovery from disease.

Herbal remedies have been used effectively for centuries to boost immunity to common ailments.  It is only recently that humans, and their pets, have fallen victim to DRUGS and their side effects. 

Whether your pet bird is suffering from

  • bacterial
  • viral OR
  • toxic invaders...

...building immunity is ALWAYS a good thing...and it's an important part of pet bird care.

  • Start with a well balanced healthy diet.  Common sense, right?
  • Add some invigorating exercise.
  • Provide good company...that's you.  Talk to your bird, bring him his favorite treat, play a canary song CD.
  • Help him avoid stressful situations.

These are all a good start to having a pet with a strong immune system but you still need a little help...

Your pet bird can become highly stressed by even the littlest things.  It's in their nature to be nervous.  That's what saves them from predators. But...

All that stress can put your bird's immune system in a state of imbalance...opening the way for disease.

Start with a good probiotic.  Then add a highly potent combination of healing herbs.

A good immunity builder goes hand in hand with a probiotic...

  1. Ridding the body of bad bacteria by flooding it with good bacteria...
  2. While building up white blood cell count, detoxifying the body, and thereby effectively fighting off infection with an immunity builder.

As I've said before...a sugary treat might reinvigorate your bird for a short period of time.  But...

A good immunity builder is a powerful, long term, system building, HEALTHY food.

I'm going to recommend one more thing for nursing your bird back to health...this one is common sense...

Click here to discover this very important way to help keep your pet healthy...A way you should already know about. ;-)

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