In the Care of a Canary Bird Be Aware That the Common Cold is a Possibility.

Good care of a canary bird will help prevent respiratory infections which may escalate into worse conditions.

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Many respiratory infections may seem to be just a common cold but...

The common cold shares symptoms with other more serious fatal canary diseases.  In order to give good canary care you must know...

Some Causes of Respiratory Illness

  • virus
  • bacteria
  • fungus

Symptoms in Care of a Canary Bird

Some Symptoms for this Canary Disease are...

  • quick breathing
  • excessive sleeping
  • listlessness
  • tail-bobbing
  • blue legs.
  • fluffed up feathers

These symptoms probably will be accompanied by...

  • coughing and sneezing.
  • nasal discharge

If you see these symptoms provide a warm and low stress environment. 

Some fatal diseases start with these same symptoms so, if possible, see an avian vet in the care of a canary bird with respiratory illness.

Bacterial infections causing respiratory distress are often helped with...

Antibiotic and Probiotic

In the case of severe bacterial infection an antibiotic may be needed to halt the growth of the illness. Antibiotic will NOT help if the illness is caused by a virus or other pathogen.

When I suspect a bacterial infection I use Ornacyn Plus Antibiotic.

Ornacyn is a treatment for respiratory diseases of pet birds AND helps correct vitamin deficiencies. It has a broad spectrum antibiotic (erythromycin) plus essential vitamins & amino acids to aid with care of a canary bird.

I use an antibiotic only in very sick birds that I suspect of having a bacterial infection.  Otherwise I use a probiotic.

Antibiotic is powerful stuff and should be used cautiously.  It actually has a detrimental effect on your birds system. 

When you do use an antibiotic make sure--after the antibiotic treatment--to use a...


Use a probiotic to help replace the beneficial bacteria that the antibiotic may have killed.  A probiotic plus a healthy diet helps condition your canary's digestive system and repair a faulty immune system while combating illness.

Use of a probiotic in a healthy bird helps prevent illness by building a healthy digestive and immune system. So...

Before your canary gets sick use probiotic regularly in your care of a canary bird.

Prevent respiratory disease by...

...keeping your canary out of drafts and avoiding sudden temperature changes. Also, by keeping your canary's home...

  • clean

  • warm

  • dry

  • uncrowded

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