Dealing With 20 Hours
of Daylight in Scotland

by Pat

Your Canary Should Start<BR>Moulting In Mid-Summer

Your Canary Should Start
Moulting In Mid-Summer

Hi Darren,

Thank you for all the information that you provide.

I bought a Red Factor canary in mid June. At the start of July he stopped singing and started to moult.

He flies around the room and is very alert,stealing from my breakfast tray.

In this part of Scotland we have almost twenty hours of daylight,but following your advice I limit him to twelve hours.

Is it unusual for him to moult in early July? He spends a lot of time fluffed up. How long will this moult last?


Hi Pat

It's typical for your canary bird to start the molt around July, at the height of summer, so it sounds like your canary is right on track. The moult typically lasts until around Sept or Oct. See The Moulting Canary Page.

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of Daylight in Scotland

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Jun 19, 2015
Hell Or Heaven!!
by: Henry Hart

I have heard that this is the same thing that happens in Norway.

They actually can see the sun all day. Even at midnight the sun shines so bright.

That actually sucks right? Well, that is what it is and you have to live with that.

Jun 09, 2015
by: Anderson

This is great stuff you shared a very unique content added here, keep it up the good work and happy to find this informative topic shared.

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