Feeding A Skinny Canary

by Joseph Pace
(Detroit Michigan)

If you look at the bird's chest and see that he is nothing but skin and bones, you have to feed him a lot more than good old canary seed.

Here is what I learned from one of the best, he was a man who raised them his whole life, and, was interviewed many times by canary magazines.

1. Mix equal portions of hemp, flax, thistle and millet, also add some anise seed. This treat will help, also good during breeding season.

2. Bread and milk, make it fresh daily, dip some white bread into milk and offer it. Also good for feeding babies.

3. Sunflower, and peanut mix, grind up sunflower seeds and peanuts and feed daily.

Limit greens during this period. **this of course is offered along with the normal canary seed.

4 Egg. This basic can be given to the birds whole, by that i mean take a hard boiled cooled egg, and simply smash it with a potato masher. you can add a bit of cracker if you like, just mash it up as well as you can and give.

Charlie also did this during breeding season, and I have also used it with great success.

Also, you can help to feed the babies...

...take egg yolk only and mix with a bit of milk to make it fluid enough to pass through a syringe. Simply remove the needle and fill the tube, keep refrigerated.

Now when the babies open their mouths, simply give them a bit, just enough to see their throat fill. I forget the name of this part of the throat, but you will see it. As the birds progress you can continue to feed with this mixture.

Keep them as clean as possible, and, make sure all food is free from filth. Offer clean fresh foods daily and soon, when you blow his chest feathers to have a look you will see a chest of meat, not a breast bone sticking out.

Joseph Pace

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