Fighting Canaries

by Julie

I have a pair of red factor canaries, I purchased a pair from a breeder.

I have had them in a breeding cage but they keep on fighting.

I have separated them with the internal slider and every few days I have taken this away and they start to fight again.

This has been going on for two weeks.

I also have another pair that are breeding and sitting on eggs.

Is it possible that the female red could like the song of the other male, I ask this because every time she hears him sing she starts chirping like crazy and it seems like she's looking for him.

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Oct 28, 2015
Canary Breeding: Fighters or Lovers?
by: Darren

Hi Julie,

First of all, YES, it's possible your fighting hen likes the other male better.

But it's even more likely that she just doesn't like the one she's with. Apparently, she never heard that song, "Love The One You're With".

This is relatively common. Sometimes the hen won't accept the male. And sometimes the male won't accept the hen...just like humans ;p

There's likely no hope in getting this pair to breed.

Feel free to swap the two hens and see what happens. The LIKABLE male will probably breed both hens.

And maybe, just maybe, the other hen will end up liking the unliked male.

Hope that makes sense.

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