How can I heal my canary's limp.?

He is keeping his foot against his body, looks like ankle fracture yet will fly from perch to perch to bath,to eat & drink I have him in small hospital cage with heat lamp What can I do to fix & help him heal?

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Apr 15, 2020
Limp leg
by: Anonymous

Hello I notice my canary right leg is not normal she flies to perch to perch is eating but i notice she does not bare all weight on both legs. She keeps her leg up

Jan 29, 2016
Gout / Canary Leg Problem
by: Darren

If it's a fracture your best bet is to get an x-ray and a wrapping/cast.

Is it possible that he is developing gout?

Excerpt from Canary Tips...


"Too Much Protein...

A diet rich in protein or fat will cause a canary to favor one foot. The foot may appear red and warm. Cut out all high protein (eggs, egg food, fish meal) and high fat foods (flax or millet seed) for a week and see if the condition improves. Feed plenty of greens and high carbohydrate foods like dry oatmeal, and cooked brown rice.


There are some other things that are more difficult to diagnose or cure like...


Gout is the build up urates in different parts of the body and can cause swelling and tenderness in the foot. Caused by too much or too little protein and lack of exercise.

Make sure your canary has plenty of room in his cage to flutter back and forth!


Adjust the amount of high protein foods accordingly.




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