Me and My Site

A few years ago my uncle began pressuring me to raise canaries...

“Canaries? Why would I want to raise canaries?” I didn’t know a canary bird from a coo-coo bird. But I found out later what a joy it is to have the little guys around.

Eventually, I gave in and bought 6 breeding pairs from him. He loaned me some breeding cages, told me where to get the seed and other supplies, and gave me some very basic instructions (VERY basic...I’m surprised that first batch did so well!).

“How Do I Do This?”

So, I began researching canary care and breeding.

I did a lot of research online...or TRIED to. Most of the info was very limited and the one or two sites that had a good supply of information were virtually impossible to navigate. I couldn’t find the info I needed.

I bought books and learned a lot. Asked my Uncle hundreds of questions, talked to local breeders, and before I knew it I was a canary breeder myself.

Like I said...I enjoyed visiting with my new pets and as a BONUS I made several hundred dollars selling the offspring!


Putting It On-line.

At the same time, I was regaining interest in beginning some kind of on-line business.

====SIDE NOTE====
I had tried internet business before and was extremely disappointed with the outcome...I spent hundreds of hours building a site and hundreds of dollars learning internet marketing...only to fail miserably.

But I had not given up completely.

I still felt there was a way to create a site about something I enjoyed AND make a dollar or two along the way.
====SIDE NOTE====

With such a lack of success at finding canary info online and a burning desire to create an internet business, I decided to create a site that canary owners could access for helpful and easy to find canary information.

And was born. Well...not just yet...

The internet had changed since my last venture. There was a whole slough of software and hosting packages to sift through. I spent a lot of time looking for the best deal. Plus, I had to re-learn a whole new way of doing business...

html, ftp, xml, rss...”WHAT were these people talking about?”

Finally, I stumbled across SBI! internet marketing savior. SBI! is a hosting service that is MUCH MORE than hosting. They took me by the hand and showed me (and are still showing me) exactly how to turn my hobby into on-line profits...step by step.

It’s simple...but not easy. An on-line business is still a business. It takes work. But with SBI! it was not complicated.


The rest is history. is now in the top 2% of all sites worldwide--over 60,000,000 sites--and rising quickly in the rankings. And the CanaryTips! Newsletter is growing by about 150 subscribers each month.

So, how did I take a seemingly insignificant and teeny-tiny niche like “canary care” and build such a popular site? Simple... SBI!

SBI! is all the answer you need.

====SIDE NOTE====
By the way, SBI! is short for Solo Build It!.

It’s one of the fastest growing internet companies in the world and Ken Evoy, SBI!’s founder, is the hardest working and most helpful businessman I know. I can’t imagine any other CEO of a major company who would personally sit down and write me an email when I had a minor technical problem with my site. Ken did.

My hat’s off to ya’, Ken. You’re a great mentor.
====SIDE NOTE====

The SBI! package included a step-by-step manual that walked me through the whole process of building a site.

WOW! What a relief from my first attempt at internet marketing. I was lost with no one to show me the way.

My old hosting company acted irritated each time I called for technical advice. They offered virtually no help at all (and charged me twice as much as Ken does). Not so with SBI!...

First of all, Ken makes the process simple to understand and if I have any questions I get an answer usually within 24 hours--via a great support team. Test their professionalism yourself. If you have any questions about how SBI! works you can ask an SBI! expert here.

Take a quick tour of SBI! here.

The End of the Beginning.

So, that’s how it happened. That’s how I got interested in canaries and that’s how I became an internet marketing success.

I quit my day job months ago and “do” canaries full-time. A second internet site is on the drawing board and is expected to be 10 times more successful(It’s a much larger niche). Life is good.

You can learn more about Solo Build It! here.