Michael Olaleye

by Michael Olaleye

Dear Darren,

I need to tell you that I have been keeping Canary birds as pets since I was a child, I am now in my late 50s and have never seen my birds react to a challenge the way my two canaries reacted to the CD.

It brings out the best in them.

Before the arrival of the CD, I was thinking of giving away one of my birds, I thought he is not good enough but the arrival of the CD made me think otherwise.

It worked like magic and I am now searching for a competition for my birds.

Thank you very much.

Storm Roller & Red Mist also says kudos to you.

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Oct 01, 2015
I have always owned
by: Andrew Molz

I have always owned large parrots, cockatoos, macaws, etc. A few yrs. ago I sold all my parrots except one at a bird show. They all got to pick their new birds. So for the last 16 yrs. it has been me and Sassy my Moluccan Too.

My 17 yr. old grandson and my son came down from Salem OR. to paint our house here in CA. When they came they brought with them a tiny yellow/orangish canary. It had flown into their garage and would not leave. It was young and banded. They tried to find the owners, but with no success.

Jun 18, 2015
by: Darren

Thanks Michael, Happy I could be of some help :-)

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