My Canary Mom Cannot Hatch Her Eggs

by Rose Zhou
(Irvine, CA)

I have a male and a female canary.

The mom laid 4 eggs. She stays in nest most time for more than 20 days. Not one egg hatched.

Then a few days later, the mom laid 3 eggs. The mom stayed in her nest again for most of the day for about 14 days. One baby canary hatched and the other 2 eggs never hatch.

After 3 weeks, the mom had 5 more eggs. This time we took 3 eggs to 38oC incubator and left 2 eggs for her mom to sit in her nest.

How should we handle the eggs in the incubator?

Should we turn the eggs everyday like the mom does?

Why is the mom having trouble getting her eggs to hatch? (The food we feed her is healthy & the temperature is around 75 degrees)

If you have any advice, please share it with us. We appreciate it. Cheers!

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May 19, 2019
Female? Male?
by: Anonymous

We have had 2 canaries going on 3 years. Bought them as a pair. The female? who has never sung has never laid an egg. Perhaps she's a he? If she was female wouldn't she at least lay an egg even if she didn't mate?

Mar 31, 2019
Never Hatched
by: Buster

For 3 years none of my canary eggs have hatched in my Avery, why?

Oct 29, 2015
Wonderful article
by: Anonymous

Your blog is too good and informative. I like it so much and impressed your writing skills. Keep up the good work.

Oct 12, 2015
by: Sam

I think you should try to change the male next time. The problem can be in him. And you should turn the eggs once a day.

Aug 27, 2015
Canary Egg Hatching
by: Darren

Hi Rose,

Yes, turning the eggs once per day is a good idea.

Sometimes lack of humidity can cause hatching problems. I think Irvine is pretty dry so you might try spritzing the eggs with a mist once or twice per day.

Also, the problem may be that the hen is not allowing the male to mate regularly OR the male is not fully fertile. Next season you might want to try getting a new male.

As a side note, breeding season is over. Canaries shouldn't be bred this time of year.


Hope that helps,

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