My Great Pet Canary Bird!

by Afsana

I got a pet canary bird for a present from my mum, I think nearly last year! Wow time flies by quick doesn't it?

I moved houses out of London and while we were there we went to this pet shop. There was hamsters, parrots, cocktails, canaries, turtles, lizards, and even rats and mice! First, I was really interested with turtles, I wanted the small cute ones! But they were lots of hard work taking care of!

So my next choice was the cute little mice! But my family was against that. Whats so bad about mice? I didn't even thing about the birds at all! I was about to give up on the 'I would love to have a pet of my own and take care of it!'.

I was looking around the shop for the last time until I saw the animal of my dream! He was bright yellow and small, but in a very small cage which didn't make me very happy. He was chirping, he was in the same small cage with some other type of small birds.

HEY don't call me spoilt! I was like 11! Now i am nearly 12, and he is nearly fully tamed, in a big cage singing right now!

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Oct 20, 2015
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Oct 09, 2015
Nice gift NEW
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That is so sweet to get a Canary Bird as a present! As for me that is the best present ever.

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