My Pet Canary Bird Sings Louder and Louder Each Day!

by Gwenda
(Oxfordshire, United Kingdom)

Loud Pet Canary Bird by Matthew Alice

Loud Pet Canary Bird by Matthew Alice

My little man is singing louder and louder each day!

My pet canary bird never seems to get tired. If I have company or if the TV is on I just can't hear myself speak, never mind hearing the TV or anyone else.

Even at this moment I am upstairs on the PC and my little man is in the sitting room on his own. However, that does not stop him from singing and chatting.

Even the neighbors can hear him singing with the door shut. That's how loud he can be. I'm glad he
seems very happy on his own.

Sometimes when I am in the garden working I will put him in a different cage and hang him in the tree or under the porch. He just loves to be outside.

I often wish I could take him to work and cheer up some of the elderly people I visit.

Darren, if it was not for all your wonderful advise my little man would not be so happy I'm sure.

He makes me smile when I tell him to "shhhh" when the news is on TV. His little beak is still open but nothing is coming out as if he is having the last word. Just reminds me of my son when he was very young as he used to have the last word too.

I WILL say, he is my alarm for the mornings. And also if my front door is open and someone has come. For instance, a cat or my son or daughter...Then he gives a very distinctive high pitched cry which makes me come downstairs to check.

At first I thought it was just because I was not taking any notice of him but when I have gone downstairs to investigate someone has come in or there is a cat just making itself comfortable on my cushions.

Personally I think the cats around here are not interested in my little boy as he is just too noisy!

I have never regretted buying my canary I would recommend anyone to have a canary. And, to be honest, they are a lot cleaner than budgies.

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Jan 25, 2021
wow my guy...
by: Anonymous

Came from a "non singers" cage. In all fairness the guy was simply stating that these birds had "YET" to sing. He tried to sell me one I could not provoke into anything, yes I dl a canary song onto my phone.
Chuck kept coming to the front of the cage at the sound "cocking his head". I happily said I'll take the yellow one just as I realized all 11 canaries in the cage were predominantly yellow. So I did this again looked for the subtle differences and Chuck came home with me.
I got a mansion of a cage for him, and no I have no intentions of "halfing" his life to breed...but, my word can this bird sing! It was an hr after I got him home and set up, I played the song for 15 minutes then put him to bed.I believe in the wild it is moon light or no light, SO Chuck gets a solid 8 hrs covered. I can't turn him down or off...I did buy a canary with the experience of owning a German roller I rescued a few decades ago. Bandit had a great quite song that could be blamed at the poker table as "something wrong with your radio..." I read a happy canary is a singing canary...Chuck is an American singer, I looked for two weeks for a German roller, all I could find was a 3 year old bird that had been bred several there anyway way I can get Chuck to "tone it down", humanely of course!

Jun 23, 2015
by: Lolita

That’s great! I have been giving training to my canary to sing and I think she is able to sing little bit. I am very much happy in that and I am expecting more and more from my cute canary. Thank you for sharing your experience!

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