My Pet Canary Bird, Timmy, Is A Roller And Is So Inspiring!

by Sheila
(Duncan, B.C. Canada)

Roller Pet Canary Bird

Roller Pet Canary Bird

I always keep, Timmy, my canary in his cage, so he needs my company.

He comes running along his perch to me chirping and pecks my nose (be careful, when he misses and hits your lips, it really hurts :>) )

I blow gentle breezes on him - he loves this, and when we had the hot weather I sprayed him down several times a day (about 10 sprays) with cold water.

I always have music playing in the house for him, so he is never lonely.

A couple of years ago when I moved here to the Cowichan Valley, Timmy had a bit of a rough time. He went through four moults and I thought he forgot how to sing for the next year, so bought him
a CD of canary songs. Now a year later, he is the happiest bird!

He is spoiled every morning with a different variety of fresh, organic lettuce and fruits and vegetable bits.

I love him so much and always tell him he is the "joy of my life". He is a Roller and is so inspiring! If I want to feed him something new, I always check with you first, Darren.

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Aug 14, 2019
my canary pecks my nose
by: nikkole

My canary sings a lot but its irritating sometimes so i go up to cage he comes close to my face and pecks nose so much it gets sore after a while if he misses he gets my lips and it hurts.I love him a lot and dont get me wrong if he doesn't sing i would be worried. He seems to be obsessed with me if i leave the room straight away he will sing very loud till i come back. He is so cute at night he does a whistle when he wants covering around the same time every evening. He is not any trouble only the singing he will do if i am on the phone or out of his sight.He is called Bird because we found him in a park and rescued him.

Sep 26, 2016
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by: Anonymous

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