Enjoy piece of mind knowing your pet bird isn't tormented by Scaly Parakeet mites.

Parakeet mites-->Easy detection and eradication of this skin deforming pest.

These Parakeet Mites--also known as Scaly Leg and Face Mites--or Burrowing Mites--will start by getting under the skin and scales of your parakeet or canary's face...around the eyes and beak...then they'll move on down to the legs and feet.

They'll set up shop and stay forever...living, breeding, and laying eggs under the scales of your birds skin.

parakeet mites

Symptoms of Parakeet Mites

Always keep yourself on the alert and knowledgeable about symptoms you might see in your canary.

Once they find a suitable home they start eating and laying eggs. This activity creates a build up of scales that can become quite an ugly deformity. Look for a dry scaly build up around the eyes and beak areas of the face and on feet and legs.

These little scales can look like little spikes shooting out from the feet. Some bird owners have mistaken the scales for a fungus.

Actually...what you're seeing is the residue left over from these parakeet mites.

A Canary's Scaly Feet

Treatment of Scaly Mites

It's rarely necessary to see a vet for this problem. If you have the right information, tools, and products you can treat many canary illnesses at home.

For years sprays have been widely used but these...

Mite and Lice Sprays Have Shortcomings.

Although mite and lice sprays can "help" kill these scaly parakeet mites, they're ONLY temporary and they DON'T work on mite eggs...Nor does a spray get into the small fissures of your canary's skin where the mites are...so...A lot of mites simply won't be affected and you'll have to spray weekly for several weeks in order to kill the young ones as they hatch out.

A better and easier alternative is SCATT

-->more on that in a second. But first...

Sprays ARE good for something...

Treating the Cage or Aviary.

Spraying your canary's home with a mite and lice spray will kill any parakeet mites that are hiding in the cracks and crevices of his abode.

Mite and Lice Spray AND Skin and Feather Spray

Mite and lice sprays are great on cages and effective for red mites and feather mites but a better alternative to killing Scaly Leg and Face Parakeet Mites on your canary or other pet bird is...


SCATT is your best bet by far. It is for treating your bird NOT the cage. A drop of this product--which contains Moxidectin--is VERY effective at eradicating this nuisance and...totally safe for your bird.

Using SCATT will give you a longer lasting effect than spray--with less work. One treatment will have an effect for about 3 weeks-->Any mites that crawl up from the cage within that time period will be killed also. And the best part...

SCATT is VERY affordable. One bottle can literally last for years.

None of the pet stores in my area carry SCATT. It is a relatively new product and is still difficult to find. However...it is sold online. Thank goodness for the internet. I LOVE IT!

Whether you've seen symptoms or not, get and use SCATT...

Parakeet Mites can live and breed on your bird for a long time before you actually start to see the symptoms.  By then...

Your bird will be very unhappy.

I recommend SCATT because it's what I use on my birds and...It WORKS!  I speak from experience...there is nothing better for controlling Scaly Leg and Face Mites than SCATT.  AND...

It works just as well on Air Sac Mites and Red Mites so you can kill "two birds with"...errr..."two mites with one stone"...so to speak. Actually, it's even better than that. As I mentioned Scatt works on several kinds of mites and also lice and fleas.

Make the choice to have a healthy--mite free--pet bird and check out Scatt now.

After you've done that get...

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