Pet Bird Pictures

"Wanna look at some pet bird pictures?"

Well...I'm a canary man myself and this is a canary website but hey...

I like other pet birds as well. 

I've found that anyone who likes...


or parakeets...

or lovebirds...


ALSO likes all the other pet birds.

"A bird lover is a bird lover is a bird lover" I like to say. 

Well...ok, I've never actually said that but still...

there's some truth to it. at you have a page of pet bird pictures featuring birds other than canaries.

On this page are some of the coolest bird pictures I've collected over the years. Just like at your
"canary pictures" page---> Canary Pictures <---some are excellent professional photos and others are just down-home snapshots.

All are attractive and/or interesting.

Do you have a pet bird that YOU'D like to feature here at ?

Yeah?...Then send me your pet bird picture and I'll see about adding it to my collection.  Contact me here.


Here they are...

The best-of-the-best pet bird pictures...

Recommended Pet Canary Supplies...




Cockatiel painting


finch painting

red finch

zebra finch


lovebirds blue

lovebirds close

Lovebirds yellow


Monk parakeet

Parakeet in cage

Parakeet painting

Red fronted parakeet

Parrots and such...

Two Parrots

Parrot Blue



African Grey

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