The Russian Canary

Development of the Russian canary began about 300 years ago when canary breeders in Tyrol, Germany.

Russian canary

Russians took an immediate liking to the song bird and eventually developed the...

Russian Canaries...or Russian Singers.

Prior to being introduced to the "German Tyrol Canary", Russians kept native song birds in cages...

Wild birds like Siskin, Woodlarks, Buntings, Linnets, Tits, Warblers, and Goldfinches were kept and enjoyed for...

Their Beautiful Natural Song.

Breeders immediately realized--and were overjoyed--that the canaries were mimicking the songs of the local wild birds. The song of the Bunting was used more than any other to train the canaries to sing and the Russian canary became known as the "Bunting Tuner".

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Wanting to tone down the brash LOUDNESS of the new Bunting Tuners, Russian breeders began to breed their canary birds for softer singing...

Organs, flutes, pipes, and bells were added as training devices and the...

Russian Canary was born.

In the early 1900's canary song contests were organized and the areas of Pavlovo-on-Oka, Nizhniy Novgorod, and Petersburg became hot beds of breeding and showing for the Russian Singer Canary.

Russian Singers today are prized for their vibrant health and wonderful "natural sounding" songs developed over the past 300 years by mimicking the natural birds of Russia.

These canaries are not numerous yet in America but they are gaining in popularity.

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